LoL Donating All Proceeds from Star Guardian Taliyah To Social Impact Fund

Published: Jun 30, 2022

Riot Games has announced that all the revenue from Taliyah’s Star Guardian skin will be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. The program will be held from July 28 to August 29. Don’t forget to buy the skin during the announced time to help the Riot Games Social Impact Fund grow!

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What is the Social Impact Fund?

The Social Impact Fund was first founded back in 2019. Since then, Riot Games has helped many different people and communities. However, their main focus during the time was of course COVID-19. The company has raised over $14 million dollars to help fight the virus. All the revenue was made through League of Legends skins, bundles, etc.

Riot Games cited that their primary focuses include education, citizenship, opportunity, and sustainability. For education, they provide and expand access to STEAM education and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to prepare students for jobs in the future economy. Secondly, they also encourage, build, and protect inclusive and supportive communities in person and online. Riot Games helps people from all backgrounds to live an equally just, healthy, and happy life under one of their priorities, which is opportunity. Lastly, the company also helps the environment by giving a hand to their players and partners to reduce their carbon footprint.

Star Guardian Event

The Star Guardian Event is at the door. Star Guardian has been one of the most beloved cosmetics in the game for some time now. It has its own lore which makes it a lot more favorable. It is expected to be released on July 14 alongside Patch 12.13. However, we might expect the Taliyah skin to be released with Patch 12.14, which will be the second phase of the event. During that time, all the revenues from the Star Guardian Taliyah skin will be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund which is from July 28 to August 29. Apart from the Taliyah skin, there will of course be other skins for different champions. Akali, Miss Fortune, Orianna, Rell, Senna, and Seraphine are expected to get a Star Guardian skin with the release of the skin line.

Moreover, players will have different missions for them to grind and earn tokens for rewards. The missions are still not clear yet but Riot will announce them soon. The one thing we know is that they will be related to the in-game quests as usual. Players will be able to earn lots of different rewards during the event. Chromas, summoner icons, and more will be available for players to buy in the in-game shop. Tokens will be the key to buying those cool stuff. Players are betting on LoL skins’ perfection as Riot almost always pleases its community.

Even though the patch will be live on July 13, the Star Guardian Event will start one day after, on July 14. As said above, players who want to get one of the top LoL skins, the Star Guardian Taliyah, need to wait two more weeks.

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