LoL Teases Video for the 2022 Season

Published: Jan 3, 2022

The new LoL video for the upcoming 2022 season is set to drop on Jan. 7, as players are waiting for Season 12 to kick off.

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LoL Teases New 2022 Season - Video Dropping on Jan 7
Image Credits | @LeagueOfLegends

Riot will release an LoL Teaser for the 2022 Season

The official League of Legends Twitter account made an official announcement on Jan. 2. The tweet teased the release of the new 2022 season cinematic, throwing a curveball to the fans: “A new journey beckons on January 7th. How will you answer?” The words used will likely lead to a certain theme and specific characters will be included in the video.

This is not the first time Riot Games pulls out a new video to be released prior to the beginning of the League of Legends season. The company has been doing this for a few years already, and most of the time they came out with very creative music videos, original songs or narratives.

Riot’s Past Teasers for the start of the season

As an example, back in the 2021 season, Riot released a video called “Ruination”. The Ruination was the event that transformed people into the champions they are today and also created the Shadow Isles region. Champions like Kalista, Thresh, Hecarim are among the affected champions. During the event, however, Riot also added the newest champion Viego, as he would join the champion roster.

Throughout the whole season, Riot kept the Ruination theme as its constant: Viego and the Sentinels of Light Lucian and Senna were featured in many of the events and narratives, and some of the aforementioned Shadow Isles champions were also included. The Ruined King being the main character for the whole season also brought to the release of a 3rd-party game, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) developed by Airship Syndicate.

While last year Riot revolved everything around Ruination, we still don’t know what the exact theme will be for this year. One thing is certain, though. Pantheon is featured in the “The Call” Cinematic Thumbnail so we will surely see him in the video, as other Targon champions might also be featured. Some of the characters from Targon include Diana, Leona, Aphelios, Taric, and Zoe.

The new season cinematic will also mark the start of the 2022 Season. After almost two months of pre-season changes, the upcoming ranked season is only a few days away. The beginning of rankeds in 2022 will be on Jan. 5, with the release of the 12.1 patch notes: fans won’t have to wait much longer to step back into the competition.


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