LoL Worlds 2019 Favourites Emerge from the Groups of Death

Posted on October 15, 2019 - Last Updated on October 6, 2022

We’re almost halfway through with the LoL Worlds 2019 and only two teams have secured back-to-back victories. Surprisingly enough, these are squads fighting in two of the most difficult groups and they need a single victory to mathematically secure qualification. G2 Esports and SKT 1 have crushed opponents in groups A and C, while HKA and Clutch Gaming are winless after two matches. The League of Legends Worlds schedule pits them against the group leaders and they are huge underdogs in those games.

Cloud9 & Griffin to Fight for Survival in Group A

G2 Esports have a commanding lead in Group A and are likely to extend it after the match against Hong Kong Attitude. This leaves Cloud9 and Griffin fighting for second place in a match where the South Korean team has a clear advantage. Griffin were able to level the score with a victory over HKA, in spite of a disastrous match start. They have shown great fighting spirit and the ability to come from behind, something that is particularly useful against Cloud9.

The North Americans are famous for their flamboyant play style and the propensity for taking big chances for potentially great rewards. Even if they get ahead, they are prone to committing mistakes and Griffin will remain in the race, waiting for the opportunity to strike back. On the other hand, the South Koreans are more calculated and have the ability to defend even the narrowest advantages. In this context, it is not surprising that the LoL Worlds betting odds offered by ArcaneBet on Griffin don’t exceed 3/10. Punters willing to bet on Cloud9 will be paid at 23/10 if the North Americans prevail.

LoL Worlds 2019 Favourite Teams

Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic Play Decisive Match

Royal Never Give were underdogs in the opening match against SKT 1, with odds as high as 3/2 at Betway. The Chinese team showed no signs of hesitation in spite of being credited with the second chance against the South Korean giants. Instead, they took more chances early on and were able to build a narrow lead that was slowly expanded as the match progressed. Interestingly enough, at the end of the game, Royal Never Give had more kills and more inhibitors destroyed. Sadly, that didn’t matter, but it shows their ability to play aggressively in the early stages and take the lead against superior teams.

Fnatic isn’t a better team according to LoL Worlds power rankings, but the Europeans are also famous for their aggressive play style. This should lead to an immensely entertaining match, with plenty of kills and a lot of action early on. They were far less successful against South Korea Telekom in the opening LoL Worlds 2019 matches, as they were unable to take a single Baron, Dragon or inhibitor. The Europeans are once again underdogs, with odds of 7/5 at Betway, but we believe they are capable of causing an upset. Risk-averse punters can stick to a safer bet and back the Royal Never Give favourites at odds of 1/2.

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