LoL Worlds Play-In Groups: Round 1 Preview

Published: Oct 9, 2023 - Last Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The Play-In Stage at the League of Legends Worlds Championship has always been a great opening starter to the main event. It offers teams from emerging regions and lower seeds from major regions a chance to prove their skills and secure a spot in the main tournament.

On this page, read our LoL Worlds betting preview of the Play-In Round 1 (Oct. 10-14), which will help you understand what to expect from teams, and what’s at stake for the Swiss Stage ahead.

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Play-In Round 1 Group A Preview

GAM Esports

  • Chances in Play-Ins: With a blend of veterans and new talent, GAM Esports is poised to display their aggressive early-game tactics, influenced heavily by the synergy between their lanes and jungle.

  • Levi (Jungle): One of the most recognizable names from the Vietnamese scene. Levi is renowned for his aggressive jungle pathing and early game plays. If Levi finds his stride, he can be the driving force propelling GAM to the next stage.
  • Slayder (Bot): As a relatively recent addition, eyes will be on him to see how well he meshes with the team. His performance in the bot lane will be crucial for GAM’s chances.


  • loud lol worlds play ins groups

    Chances in Play-Ins: With a mix of Brazilian talent and international players, LOUD showcases potential. Their success may largely depend on how well their import players adapt to the team’s strategies.

  • tinowns (Mid): A seasoned player in the Brazilian scene, tinowns brings experience and stability to the mid lane. His playmaking ability can tilt the game in LOUD’s favor.
  • Route (Bot): An import from Korea, Route’s performance in the bot lane will be instrumental. As a key damage source for the team, much rests on his shoulders.

PSG Talon

  • psg talon lol worlds play ins

    Chances in Play-Ins: PSG Talon’s recent history in international tournaments suggests they are a formidable contender. With a cohesive lineup, they can very well be one of the top teams in this play-in stage.

  • Maple (Mid): An icon in the mid lane, Maple’s addition to PSG Talon has added significant firepower. Known for his vast champion pool and roaming capabilities, Maple’s plays will likely dictate the pace for PSG.
  • Wako (Bot): While not as iconic as Maple, Wako’s synergy in the bot lane with Woody will be important to watch. Their ability to secure advantages can pave the way for PSG’s victories.


  • rainbiow 7 lol worlds playins

    Chances in Play-Ins: Rainbow7’s roster, predominantly filled with Latin American talent, also boasts key international players. Their success will likely hinge on the synergy between these two facets. Despite their long LoL Worlds betting odds, you shouldn’t underestimate this team.

  • Oddie (Jungle): Oddie’s been a mainstay in the LLA, renowned for his proactive jungle style. His synergy with Mireu in the mid lane can set the rhythm for Rainbow7.
  • Mireu (Mid): An import from Korea, Mireu’s performance in the mid lane will be crucial. If he can establish dominance and work in tandem with Oddie, Rainbow7 has a solid shot at progressing.

Play-In Round 1 Group B Preview

CTBC Flying Oyster

  • ctbc flying oyster lol worlds playins

    Chances in Play-Ins: Hailing from the PCS, CTBC Flying Oyster showcased a commendable performance in the recent Summer Season. Their recent victories and synergy will be tested against global teams.

  • Gemini (Jungle): A linchpin in the jungle for Flying Oyster. His rotations and map awareness will be essential for the team’s success in the early stages of the game.
  • Shunn (Bot): As the bot laner, Shunn’s performance will be instrumental, especially in bot-centric meta shifts. The team will look to him to carry during late-game team fights.

DetonatioN FocusMe

  • detonation focusme lol worlds playins

    Chances in Play-Ins: Representing Japan, DFM is no stranger to the international stage. Their diversified roster can potentially surprise their opponents.

  • Steal (Jungle): Hailing from South Korea, Steal’s experience and playstyle will be vital in controlling the jungle tempo. His interactions with the mid lane, especially, will dictate the early to mid-game transition.
  • Aria (Mid): A powerhouse in the mid lane, Aria’s champion pool and laning mechanics will be a challenge for any opposing mid laner. If he gains an advantage, he can be the game-changer for DFM.

Team BDS

  • team bds lol worlds playins

    Chances in Play-Ins: With a rich history and a notable entry into the LEC, BDS is under the spotlight. Their European influence will be a factor in their gameplay.

  • Adam (Top): Known for his aggressive laning phase, Adam can be the split-push threat BDS needs. His matchups against other top laners will be a highlight.
  • Crownshot (Bot): Bringing firepower to the bot lane, Crownshot’s performance and positioning during team fights will be pivotal. His synergy with Labrov will be critical for their bot lane dominance.

Team Whales

  • team whales lol worlds playins

    Chances in Play-Ins: A recent addition to the VCS, Team Whales will look to showcase their growth and potential. Their diverse lineup brings unpredictability. Despite their long LoL odds, this is not a team to be underestimated.

  • Bean J (Jungle): Bean J’s ability to adapt and control the jungle will be vital. His gank timings and counter-jungling will set the pace for Whales.
  • Artemis (Bot): As a recent addition, Artemis has a point to prove. His laning prowess and ability to capitalize on enemy mistakes will be under the scanner. The synergy with his support can pave the way for early objectives and lane control

Understanding the Format of the Play-In: Round 1

Group Formation

The eight participating teams are split into two groups.

Match Format

  • Within these groups, teams compete in a Double-elimination bracket. This ensures that teams have to lose twice before being knocked out, providing a safety net and allowing for potential comebacks.
  • Every match in this round is played as a Best of 3 (Bo3), which strikes a balance between match duration and the ability for teams to adapt and counter their opponents over multiple games.

Advancement & Elimination

The top 2 teams from each group will advance to Play-In Round 2. This means both the winner of the Upper Bracket and the winner of the Lower Bracket from each group move on.

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