Fantasy Betting Picks for the LoL Worlds 2022 Playoffs

Published: Oct 20, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This edition of the Worlds has had its fair share of ups-and-downs, but there’s no denying that it has been one of the most intensely competitive tournaments yet. With just seven games to go, here are the League of Legends fantasy picks for the playoffs.

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As the LoL Worlds schedule draws to a close, we’re down to the top eight League of Legends teams in the world, and three weeks from one of them will lift the LoL Worlds title.



t1 gumayusi worlds fantasy
Image credits: Riot Games

T1’s ADC has been in a league of his own over the past few weeks. His most memorable game of the season has been T1’s obliteration of Cloud9 in the first stage of the round robin, where he inflicted not one, but two quadruple kills. Guma’s unreal standard of play has remained consistent throughout the tournament as well, closing out their last robin game against Edward Gaming with an incredible triple kill.

Guma tops the charts across practically every metric. He’s averaging the most kills per game at 6.2 and been nearly impossible to kill as well, his death rate of 0.7 the lowest too. Guma has maintained the tournament’s highest KDA, currently at 18.3 – absurd considering they’ve already played six games.

To add to this, he’s kept his creep score up at 10.1, second-best in the league just a fraction behind Chovy. He’s collected an average of 517 gold per minute, easily the highest among the rest.

Others to consider: Peanut



t1 zeus lol worlds fantasy
Image credits: Riot Games

There’s still no one in the top lane that can come close to T1’s Zeus in the LoL Worlds at the moment. He’s only 18, but already looks very comfortable both beside and against players who have far more experience than him. Let’s run through his stats.

In six games he’s averaged 3.7 kills and 2.7 deaths along with 5.5 assists. This takes his KDA all the way up to 3.4. Zeus has also racked up an average of 453 gold units per game, the best among the other top lakers and leads the way in the damage per minute metric as well way up at 694.

His creep score of 8.3 is certainly nothing to sneeze at either, and he’s also managed three solo kills so far in the tournament. He picked up an incredible 10 kills in the T1’s most recent game against Edward Gaming, also adding four assists.

Others to consider: 369



kanavi lol worlds fantasy
Image Credits | Kanavi

Kanavi’s superior stats across practically every metric make him the best Fanduel jungler pick. He’s been a force of nature in JD’s setup in this tournament, and in their last three outings against DWG KIA, G2 Esports and Edward Gaming he’s picked up well over 15 kills.

It’s hard to dispute that JD Gaming’s Kanavi has been far and away the best jungler in the league. He averages an astonishing six kills per game, the best among all the junglers in the tournament, and backs it up with a commendable 8.3 assists per game.

His average of five kills per game tops the charts among the other junglers easily, and his assist rate of 7.9 per game is a pretty solid figure too. His death rate of 2,7 however, while not high on its own, has led to his KDA dropping to a relatively low 5.5, but it’s still sixth-best in the league among the other junglers.

Kanavi’s 7.9 assists per game brings his KDA up to 5.5. He leads the way across both the gold per minute metric and damage per minute as well, at 425 and 468 respectively.

Others to consider: Canyon



Chovy lol worlds fantasy betting
Image credits: Chovy

While Zeka definitely deserves a shout and is the fan favorite, he has been overtaken by Chovy in the latest stages of the tournament. Without doubt the Gen.G mid laner should be your Fanduel fantasy pick, and let’s have a look at why.

Chovy averages 4.4 kills per game, the second-highest for mid laners in the tournament behind Zeka. He’s also consistently avoided getting killed, his exceptionally low death rate of 0.7 and 4.4 assists per game boosting his KDA up to an absurd 12.8. Needless to say this is the best among the other mid lakers.

Chovy averages 10.3 as creep score per minute, 470 gold units per minute and 625 in damage per unit. He leads the way in the mid lane across every single one of these metrics, and by quite a margin too.

Others to consider: Zeka



gen.g ruler worlds fantasy
Image credits: LCK

It isn’t easy for an ADC to hold their own while being judged in the same category as the superstar Gumayasi in this tournament, but Ruler manages just fine.

If you’ve already picked Gumayusi in your Fanduel LoL fantasy team, Gen.G’s star bot laner is another great ADC you shouldn’t overlook. His KDA of 8.9 is only behind Guma’s, with 5.5 kills, 1.3 deaths and 6.3 assists per game.

In each of the last couple of games against Royal Never Give Up he’s picked up five kills, and maintained the same level of deadly consistency throughout the tournament. He’s kept his creep score per minute high up at 9.4 and his damage per minute count at 768 is far and away the best in the bot lane. Ruler’s gold per minute average of 498 is third-best among his competitors as well.

Others to consider: GALA



T1 Keria Worlds fantasy
Image credits: Riot Games

What do you know, here’s another T1 player who’s made it to our Fanduel fantasy team. No we’re not biased – they’re just that good. Keria has been easily the best support player so far, though there’s no denying that Lehends might have given him a run for his money now and then.

Keria’s KDA is all the way up at 15.4, the highest among support players. He averages less than one death per game and 11.8 assists, the most for support.

In addition, his gold per minute count is up at 272 and DPM at 304, the second-best behind 100 Thieves’ FBI who isn’t part of the tournament any longer.

Others to consider: Lehends

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