LoL Worlds Semifinals Stage Betting Preview & Analysis

Published: Oct 28, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 24, 2024

There are just three games left in the LoL Worlds schedule. Four teams currently remain standing, T1, Gen.G and DRX representing Korea, and China’s JD Gaming. This edition of the Worlds has been one of the most exciting yet, and we haven’t yet seen the best of it. Let’s have a look at how these League of Legends Worlds teams fare heading into the final stages of Worlds.

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JD Gaming vs T1

Odds: JD Gaming 2.05 / T1 1.68

Betting Site: Thunderpick Esports

When: October 29th, 2022

The LPL winner and LCK runners-up will compete for a single spot at the Grand Final. They’re both such quality teams that it’s almost a pity to know one of them is about to be eliminated. They have identical records in the tournaments so far. JD and T1 both topped their respective groups after dropping only one game each, then went on to carry out 3-0 sweeps against their opponents at the quarterfinals. Trying to pick a winner is not an easy task, but most LoL Worlds betting sites give T1 the edge, though a narrow one. Let’s have a look at why.

JD Gaming

This could be JD’s chance to grab a maiden World’s title, a perfect way to end what has been an incredible year. They’ve only lost one game in this tournament so far, back during the round robin when they were taken out by DWG KIA.

In the quarterfinals, they ran up against the European Rogue Esports, whom they decimated in three straight games. Their unstoppable jungler Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok, who averages 4.8 kills in the tournament, accounted for 13 kills in total in that contest.

Image Credit | JD Gaming

JD have a kill-death ratio of 1.40, the third-best in the league, boosted by an average kill rate of 16.2 and death rate of 11.6. While their death count has been marginally higher than the other top teams, 16.2 kills per game is the second-best in the tournament after T1. JD’s creep score per minute of 33.2 is excellent as well, only behind DRX, and their farming has been top-notch as well, collecting 1944 gold per minute with a differential of 257.


T1 are the only team to have secured the coveted trophy more than once and will be eyeing a fourth title, their first in six years. They’ve been a dominant force in this tournament, quickly getting over an initial hiccup that was their loss to Fnatic.

At this point, they look like the team most likely to make it over the line. Not only have they played as a cohesive, well-rounded unit, each individual player has also been in peak form. This is a team with Zeus, Faker, Gumayusi. Gumayusi.

The bot laner has been nothing short of incredible, and his stats in the tournament defy belief. So far, he has a KDA of 18.5, 6.1 kills per game and 0.7 deaths after nine games, the best in the tournament across all of these metrics.

Let’s not get carried away by talking about just one player, impressive as he is. T1’s overall stats are the best in the tournament as well – their KDA is the highest at 1.78, and so is their kill rate of 17.4. They’ve taken down the most towers per game, too, 8.9, and 2.3 is the least conceded. Their damage per minute count is 2462, also the highest at Worlds.

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Gen.G vs DRX

LoL Worlds odds: Gen.G 1.22 / DRX 3.80

Betting Site: Thunderpick Esports

When: October 30th, 2022

The LCK winners Gen.G have been the more consistent, reliable team between the two and they’re the clear favorite heading into this contest. DRX, however, have been a tempestuous force since the moment they entered the play-ins, blowing everybody’s expectations out of the water. GG should win this one, but count on DRX to put up a bloody fight.


GG’s first game of the tournament, a loss to Royal Never Gave Up, shocked the team out of their complacency. Since then, they’ve been a force to reckon with and more than lived up to their reputation as LoL Worlds favorites.

In the quarterfinals, however, they struggled a bit more against their LCK competitors DWG KIA than one would’ve expected. After cruising to a victory in the first game in 25 minutes, they sealed the next one too, admittedly with a little more difficulty, and required just one more win to seal the series.

Image Credit | Leaguepedia

At that point Canyon and deokdam took over for DWG when their chances looked bleak. They stunned GG in games three and four, sealing the first victory in 26 minutes and the second in just over 24.

In the end, GG pulled themselves together during the series decider, though their confidence must have been badly shaken. They focused more on farming gold and taking down turrets instead of kills, in which aspect they were totally outplayed in the previous two games, and finally secured a victory after a 45-minute nailbiter.

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DRX have come storming into the tournament guns blazing, and they’ve been the most exciting team to watch these past couple of weeks. They’ve lit up the screen with their no-guts-no-glory approach, and quickly shot from underdogs to title contenders in a matter of days.

No matter how this tournament ends for them, they have every reason to be proud. In the worst case scenario, they’ll finish in 3rd-4th bracket, which will still be their best ever performance at LoL Worlds 2022. Zeka has been one of the best ADCs in the tournament, and has never let the team down yet – DRX would be foolish not to sign him, or Deft, back again when their contracts expire next month.

Last week DRX knocked reigning champions Edward Gaming out of the quarterfinals. For the first two games it looked like things were going the other way, but DRX’s never-say-die attitude pulled them out of a tough spot once again.

They plowed their way through game three, collecting 77k gold and ten towers, wearing out EDG with a steady lead. The same approach in the next game helped them tie the series, but this was a lot closer. Finally DRX held their nerve in the series decider, and pulled off a much more convincing victory with 18 kills to EDG’s 11.

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