LOOT.BET Reveals Intriguing Esports Trends And Bets of 2019

Posted on January 20, 2020 - Last Updated on January 21, 2023

Popular esports betting site LOOT.BET have celebrated the beginning of 2020 by taking a retrospective look at how 2019 panned out for the company, and some of the winners and losers that it has experienced over the course of what was another momentous year in the esports betting industry.

In a year which saw LOOT.BET sponsor a number of top esports events across the world, including the LOOT.BET/CS and LOOT.BET Hot Shots Series Leagues and the LOOT.BET Winter Masters, the company also revealed some of the winners, and losers, over the course of the year from a trawl through its own data.

Most and Least Successful Esports Bettors

When it comes to which countries had the most success when it comes to esports betting on three key esports games, the data revealed that it was Russian punters who placed bets on CS:GO were the most successful. Chinese players backing markets on Dota 2 were the most successful at this particular esport, while Norwegian punters placing bets on League of Legends were the most successful, in what is a real surprise.

In contrast to this, the countries with the lowest win rates across the three esports saw punters from the Czech Republic suffer the fewest wins on CS:GO, on Dota 2 it was Spanish players that suffered and lastly, Philippine punters were the least successful when betting on League of Legends.

Esports Betting Trends Countries Loo Bet 2019

Active Betting Markets

Of real interest to esports betting firms like LOOT.BET are countries which see punterts make the most number of bets per user and there is some very interesting data here. For CS:GO and League of Legends, Japan was the country that saw bettors the most active and for Dota 2, there was another surprise as Bulgarian-based punters were the most active in that esport discipline.

When it comes to least active punters, as per the average number of bets per user, for CS:GO it was German punters, for Dota 2 it was Portugese punters, while for League of Legends, and this is a big surprise, it was Ukrainian punters.

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Longest and Shortest Priced Bettors

LOOT.BET also revealed the three countries in which punters liked to place riskier bets, and which countries saw punters place shorter esports odds bets. Players in Ireland, Bulgaria and Poland were more likely to place those longer odds selections, while those betting from Portugal, Spain and South Korea were most likely to pick shorter odds wagers.

Country Esports Bets Trends 2019 Loo Bet

The Success Stories of 2019 at LOOT.BET

The 2019 data from LOOT.BET also revealed some of the success stories. Punters flocked to back Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic this year, with the three teams being the most backed teams of 2019 by LOOT.BET customers.

However, the teams that tended to bring punters the most joy in terms of net profit were mousesports (CS:GO) and OG (Dota 2). On the flip side of that Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan’s CS:GO teams were the ones that tended to cost punters the most money.

The biggest winner of an individual bet was a German player who landed a €10 bet at odds of 711/1, landing a combination bet featuring matches in The International 2019 and StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

Loot Bet Betting Trends 2019

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