CDL Major II: Los Angeles Guerrillas Secure First Ever Major Win

Published: Apr 4, 2022

In a shocking twist, the Los Angeles Guerrillas beat six other teams this weekend to secure its first-ever Call of Duty League Major victory. It was one of the most dominating displays in COD esports history, with LAG decimating Toronto Ultra, Royal Ravens, Seattle Surge, Florida Mutineers, Boston Breach, and finally, Atlanta FaZe. When the dust had settled, the Los Angeles Guerrillas squad was $200k richer and had climbed up into fifth place in the CDL standings.

For others, it wasn’t such a memorable weekend – or maybe it was, but for all the wrong reasons. At the opening of the tournament, Minnesota Rokkr, the New York Subliners, Paris Legion, and Toronto Ultra all went home without a single win. As the competition heats up, there’s an air of exuberance for some teams and bitter resentment for others.

Let’s get into the thick of it.

Los Angeles Guerrillas – Shattering the Order

This was the first Major win for the Los Angeles Guerrillas in the history of Call of Duty esports. In recent years, the team has struggled somewhat to gain any real ground, but this year’s roster appears to be making some serious waves. This Major Tournament was one of the toughest fights we’ve ever seen, with LAG slaying out against six capable teams. At times, it seemed almost too close to call, with three of the six matches going to a 3 – 2 victory in LAG’s favour.

Elsewhere in the tournament, we saw Major I winners OpTic Texas ejected from the tournament by the Florida Mutineers. This came following a push down from the top bracket to the lower bracket by Seattle Surge, a team that OpTic Texas showed no issues with dominating in the past. It’s the perfect example of why Call of Duty betting markets can be so hard to predict, with teams rising and falling with each given game week.

However, when it comes to overall performance, there are two teams that have shown themselves to be in a constant and disappointing decline. Both Paris Legion and the Subliners fell out of Major II without a single victory, which remains to be a par-for-the-course display for these two sides. In recent weeks, and since the opening of the CDL 2022 season, both NYSL and Legion have failed to gain almost any ground.

Looking Across The Landscape

Image Credit: Atlanta FaZe

Following close behind the Los Angeles Guerrillas at Major II was Atlanta FaZe, moving to secure second place in the tournament. This placement was enough to push FaZe back into the top spot on the Call of Duty League standings, leaving the team fifteen points clear of OpTic Texas in second place. In a move mirroring last year’s performance, Atlanta FaZe now stands at the top of the table on sheer match wins alone, and there are still two Major Tournaments yet to be played.

However, before we get to that point, we’ve got to contend with another regular season. There’s quite a break between the second and third stage, with the next round of fixtures kicking off on the 13th of May. Here are the ones to watch out for across that opening weekend:

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