Esports Betting Platform Luckbox Offers Combo Bet Cash Back

Published: Mar 27, 2020 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The Luckbox platform offers esports betting on tournaments in anything from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting (CS:GO) and League of Legends betting (LoL) to Starcraft, Call of Duty, and in fact almost any of the leading esports titles today.

The platform is just over a year old and to date has a credible background in the space with positive Luckbox reviews. It accepts all the usual payment methods alongside bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s licensed in the Isle of Man and offers esports betting within the European Union.

The usual legalities apply to bettors and there are some rules for withdrawals and so on so these are worth checking out before using the platform.

Luckbox offers Combo Bet Cash Back incentive

The new incentive from the esports betting platform focuses on Combo Bets. To take advantage bettors need to place a Combo Bet with at least four selections. Luckbox says, “if one loses we give you your money back as a bonus – up to €25.” Combo’s multiply the odds of winning and Luckbox users can combine bets from different matches, tournaments and games and add up to 20 picks into their Combo. Luckbox explains in their announcement:

“For example, a Combo with three selections of 4.0, 5.0 and 5.0 would have combined odds of 100.00 meaning a €10 winning bet would return €1,000.”

To qualify for the cash back incentive, players must deposit their own money to their Luckbox account. Additionally, the Combo must have at least four selections and, “each selection must have odds of at least 1.2 and the total odds of the Combo must be at least 2.0.” Luckbox promises:

“If exactly one selection loses, you get your money back as a bonus (up to €25).”

Eligible betters will have their bonus added to their accounts within 24 hours. Luckbox says there are some restrictions and that esports bettors should check the full terms and conditions of the offer.

With most of the sports and esports industry moving to online play, It’s prime time to get into some betting.

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