Luckbox Appoint Former Quake Pro as Director of Marketing

Published: Jul 6, 2022

On Tuesday, the Real Luck Group, trading as Luckbox, announced that they had appointed former Red Bull and Tencent Games Marketing guru and ex-Quake esports professional, Daniel Sanders as their new Director of Marketing.

The company, which published some promising Q1 results only recently, had been seeking a uniquely qualified individual for the role, which Group CEO Thomas Rosander explained was a “crucial position” for the company moving forward.

“This role requires a rare skill set that we have been working diligently to recruit for several months,” explained Mr. Rosander in a press release.

“We are very pleased to attract an individual of Daniel’s caliber to help accelerate our player growth strategy.”

“Dan brings genuine esports authenticity along with proven marketing credentials and he will play an important role in our long-term mission to position Luckbox as a leading brand at the intersection of gambling, esports and gaming.”

“His arrival enhances our leadership team’s wealth of experience in scaling users and revenues in the gambling industry.”

Key Experience

Mr. Sanders comes to the role having garnered a great deal of key experience that will benefit him in developing a marketing strategy to drive Luckbox’s overt aim of acquiring new players, especially over the next six months or so. daniel-sanders-luckbox

In addition to being the Senior Global Marketing Lead at Tencent Games, he was also the Head of Esports and Games Marketing at Red Bill and prior to that he was a professional Quake esports player, and a player and then manager at popular esports organization Dignitas.

Mr. Rosander also explained what Mr. Sanders’ role in the company will be.

“As part of our team, he will utilize the sophisticated business intelligence and customer relationship management infrastructure that we put in place over the past year, as we aim to embark on meaningful player acquisition campaigns for the first time in the Company’s history,”

“Dan’s efforts to bring the Luckbox brand to a new generation of players will be supported by the continued deployment of the Company’s affiliate strategy, building out a growing network of player referral sites, attracting high-value traffic to our casino product with the aim of driving near-term revenue growth.”

Mr. Sanders will find some foundations in place already with the company, especially for the casino product after a recent Microgaming partnership was announced bringing a wealth of quality casino titles to the Luckbox site.

Player Acquisition & Revenue Growth The Key

Luckbox’s long-term strategy had always been to lay the foundations for their business before they embarked on a focused campaign of player acquisition.

Mr Sanders has been brought in to play a leading role in this key development aspect for the company moving forward and there will be a certain amount of pressure on him to deliver relatively rapid results both in terms of the number of new players, and the revenue they generate for the company.

He has plenty of resources at hand to help him achieve those goals, as well as a strong infrastructure to build around.

Luckbox expansion into Canada and the US will certainly open additional markets for Mr Sanders to explore, as well as those markets in which the company is already well-established.

This is clearly a key role for the company moving forward as they now seek to attract customers to the site and it is one that Mr. Sanders seems perfectly suited to fulfil.

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