Real Luck Group To Offer CashtoCode Payments

Published: Jul 29, 2021

Deciding how to fund your esports betting with Luckbox could now be a lot simpler, especially for those who prefer to use cash, thanks to the Real Luck Group agreeing a partnership with the payment service company Funanga.

The agreement, which was signed off earlier this week, will see Funanga’s CashtoCode payment solution be made available on the Luckbox platform.

The upshot of this is that customers of the site will be able to fund their Luckbox esports betting at over 150,000 retailers across Europe and internationally.

Luckbox payment solutions

No Bank Details Required

This gives customers of Luckbox a chance to fund their accounts without having to provide bank or credit card details, which has often been a sticking point for many people who, for whatever reason, mistrust the different payment methods available online.

Furthermore, the closed-loop system that is the central security feature of the CashtoCode service means that once allocated, codes cannot be shared or transferred, which means it is difficult for fraudulent activities to take place.

Alongside this cash option, Luckbox customers will also be able to fund their sports and esports bets by using the CashtoCode eVoucher option.

This payment option allows customers to use the service as an alternative to debit or credit cards or eWallet services to fund their Luckbox account.

“Cater for a New Generation”

Speaking about the deal, the head of payments at Luckbox, Boris Kostadinov, commented:

“We are thrilled to partner with Funanga to be able to offer players further secure and streamlined payment options. Our proprietary product sets us apart from the competition and allows us to cater for a new generation of bettors in a way that traditional sportsbooks don’t.”

“Our focus for the first half of 2021 has been an intense and necessary phase of improving our platform and offering frictionless payment methods is an important part of the customer journey to make player acquisition and player retention as efficient as possible.”

Part of that strategy has been a clear wish to try and appeal to the thousands of people that still prefer to use cash for their wagering, even in an online environment. A fact which Funanga CEO Jens Bader readily acknowledges.

“There will always be customers who prefer to pay in cash, for privacy, self-control, and security reasons. It’s why all leading iGaming operators are exploring cash deposit options to add to their payment ecosystems,” Bader said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Luckbox, a brand known for its commitment to the user experience and the implementation of new technology. It feels like vindication for our product’s usability and innovative approach to cash.”

Luckbox CashtoCode payments

How does CashtoCode work?

The CashtoCode system works by connecting a wide variety of merchants across Europe and the world through an online service.

The linked merchants are able to accept payments for online purchases with cash at a retail outlet, as they would accept cash for the sale of goods on offer on the premises.

When a customer makes a cash payment, this generates a code which then credits the cash amount to their chosen balance online. This makes the system incredibly difficult to use fraudulently.

It is another positive move for Luckbox and offers their customer base in over 80 territories around the world yet another option to pay for their esports betting.

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