Luminosity Gaming Exits Valorant

Published: Jun 5, 2022

It’s always a sad day for any Valorant fan when a promising Valorant team is left without the backing of an esports organisation. That’s exactly what happened for the Luminosity Valorant squad after the Canadian organisation decided to pull out of the Valorant esports ecosystem.

Luminosity Gaming will completely disband their Valorant roster following the conclusion of the VCT NA Challengers 2 esports tournament. It’s unclear whether the current roster will get picked up by another organisation or if the players will have to go their separate ways after the event is over.

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Exiting Valorant

It’s unclear why Luminosity Gaming has decided to exit Valorant at this time. They’re doing great in the current Valorant Champions Tour event, and yet, they’re pulling out. The question is why?

Some speculate this decision was made in order for the company to cut costs. Others believe it could have been related to Riot’s new esports partnership system that’s coming to Valorant in the next year. But whatever the reason may be, it was strong enough for Luminosity to make the decision to leave Valorant esports right when they were starting to show some really great results.

The company released an official statement on Twitter:

Today, we wanted to share with the community that we have made the difficult decision to exit Valorant for the foreseeable future.

They’ll certainly miss the remaining Valorant Champions Tour 2022 action, but there’s still a glimmer of hope they could return in 2023.

Exiting Valorant is not an easy decision for us, we look forward to Riot’s upcoming structure for 2023 and we do not rule out the opportunity to participate in Valorant esports again down the road.

A Unique Opportunity

The decision has been made and there’s no way to reverse it. The Luminosity team is working against the clock now, trying to finish this current tournament in the best way possible, given their current circumstances. They’ll no longer be a part of Luminosity whether they win or lose. However, if they do win, they’ll drastically increase their odds of getting signed by another esports organisation.

In these trying times, a tremendous opportunity presents itself for the current Luminosity Gaming squad led by Will “dazzLe” Loafman. He’s been doing a great job at leading his team through the VCT NA Challengers 2, where they’ve recently secured their third win and are currently sitting in the third spot in group B.

All eyes are on them right now. We’ll see how far they’ll go, but regardless of the final outcome, hopefully some other organisation signs them immediately after the event is over.

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