CDL Major IV: Bounty Match Predictions for Final Season Major

Posted on June 21, 2022

On the 24th of June, the final qualifying stage for the last Major of the CDL 2022 season will commence. It marks the closing stages of a relatively underwhelming season, but we’ve still got the all-important Call of Duty League Championship event to play out. It’s a tournament that arguably overshadows the regular season by a considerable distance, boasting a massive $2.5 million prize pool. Before then, the teams competing in the Major IV qualifiers have one last chance to earn a bonus payment through their intense ‘bounty matches’.

These special showdowns were introduced in the last stage, adding bursts of excitement for the competitors. Each team has the opportunity to earn $10,000 simply for winning their fixture, a tasty bonus for something they might have done anyway.

Let’s take a look at the state of play ahead of Major IV and predict which teams will win their bounty matches.

Big Bounty Time

Major IV will be the last Major of the 2022 season.

For those interested in Call of Duty League betting, you’re likely already on board with the bounty match system. If you’re a keen esports betting fan, you’ll have your predictions already logged, but if you’re deliberating, we can help clear a few things up. For the most part, these matches are the same as any other CDL fixture – there’s just an added bonus for the fans. There are no boosted odds or special bonuses to take advantage of as a bettor, but it does make things more exciting for the competitors.

Here are the key bounty match fixtures for the Major IV qualifiers, along with our predictions:

  • Florida Mutineers (win) vs. New York Subliners (June 24th)
  • Los Angeles Thieves vs. (win) Boston Breach (June 26th)
  • Paris Legion vs. (win) Minnesota Rokkr (July 9th)
  • Seattle Surge (win) vs. Atlanta FaZe (July 10th)
  • LA Guerrillas (win) vs. London Royal Ravens (July 10th)
  • OpTic Texas (win) vs. Toronto Ultra (July 10th)

They’re relatively easy to call, but as always, esports bettors should go into these bounty matches expecting a huge upset. For some teams, such as Paris Legion, even winning one bounty match is a huge victory, considering how poorly the team has performed throughout the entire season.

Opening Up The Final Major

Currently, Atlanta FaZe sits at the top of the CDL standings, and it stands apart from second place by a substantial distance. With 225 points, OpTic Texas sits 35 CDL points behind Atlanta FaZe, and Seattle Surge is quickly gathering steam in third place with 175 CDL points. Following a monumental, historic win over Atlanta FaZe at Major III, Seattle Surge is expected to burst into Major IV with an overwhelming sense of dominance.

As this is the final stage in the regular season, it’s the last opportunity for teams to earn points ahead of Call of Duty Champs. Unfortunately, four teams will fail to make the cut – that much is certain – but at the moment, we’re not saying anything is for certain when it comes down to which teams that will be. At present, the following squads will not be making it to Champs:

  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Florida Mutineers
  • New York Subliners
  • Paris Legion

Major IV qualifiers open up on Friday, 24th June with the Florida Mutineers vs. New York Subliners bounty fixture.

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