It Could Be A Thrilla At The Manila Masters This Week In Esports Betting

Published: May 24, 2017 - Last Updated: Jul 14, 2023

It’s a big week for Dota 2 fans and bettors as the eagerly awaited Manila Masters gets underway.

As always when there is a major esports event, there is a wealth of different markets available at Bet365. This of course includes the ever-popular Outright Winner bet.

A total of eight teams will compete in this event — a who’s who of top Dota 2 teams from the Asian continent. Evil Geniuses, OG, Newbee, Team NP, and Team Secret received direct invites, and three more teams joined them from qualifying events:

They will compete in a double elimination bracket that offers two ways to reach the Grand Final. Each matchup is a best-of-three series, apart from the Grand Final which is best-of-five. There is a total of $250,000 in prize money to be won at the prestigious tourney, with the winning team taking home $125,000.

The tournament begins Thursday, May 25, and the opening matches are drawn as follows:

The four losing teams will drop into the Losers Round 1, where they will be drawn to face each other in two games. The four winning teams will move through to the semifinals, and then the winners there will move to the Winners Final. The winner of that moves on to the Grand Final.

In the Losers Bracket, after the four losing teams in the quarterfinals have played, the two winners move on to the Losers Round 2. There, they will play the two losing teams from the semifinals. The winners of those two games then contest Losers Round 3. The winner of that matchup plays the losing Winners Final team in the Losers Finals. The winner of that match earns the second spot in the Grand Final.

At the moment, Bet365 is projecting one of the most open esports tournaments in years. They currently have OG as the 2/1 favourites to win the event outright. Evil Geniuses are 3/1, Invictus Gaming 4/1, and Team Secret 11/2. The odds drift markedly from there: Clutch Gamers are 10/1, Newbee 16/1, Team NP 18/1, and Team Faceless the 33/1 outside bet.

Plenty of esports betting at the LoL Demacia Cup

Top Chinese League of Legends teams test their mettle in the LPL league, specifically in the upcoming LPL Summer event (and its subsequent playoffs).

Teams who want to join this elite group must qualify to do so, and the Demacia Cup offers them a chance to gauge their readiness. This tournament sees eight of the best teams from the LSPL qualifying event (the tier below the LPL), as well as eight teams from the City of Heroes event, battle it out in an initial qualifying phase.

The winners of there eight matches then take on the teams finishing fifth through 12th in the LPL Spring event. The winners of these matches then head into Round Three to play for a spot in the Main Bracket. The four winners then take on the four top teams from the LPL Spring event in the quarterfinals.

A total of 28 teams are in, as the action got underway yesterday. The winner will be known by June 4.

Bet365 is currently offering a wide range of bets on this event. These include the chance to bet on which team will win each match, the winner of the first two maps in each of the key games, and handicap betting on those matchups where one team seems to be markedly inferior.

While the Demacia Cup doesn’t offer teams the chance to progress into the LPL, it is a good marker of how teams in the feeder leagues compare to the elite Chinese teams. It is also an excellent competition in its own right; the quality of opposition and matches improves as the tournament progresses.


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