MDL Indonesia Betting Preview – Tips, Predictions & Odds

Posted on August 17, 2023

Entering an eight season of competition, the MDL Indonesia League continues to impress with viewership and competition. Accordingly, our MDL Indonesia betting preview offers all the insights you need for your Mobile Legends bets – read on for odds, format and betting tips!

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MDL Indonesia Season 8 Format and Schedule

Currently the second tier professional league in Indonesia is in the middle of MDL Indonesia Season 8 and being extensively covered by Mobile Legends betting sites.

Taking place across multiple stages, the $40,000 prize pool event is running from 10th July and 29th October alongside other Mobile Legends tournaments 2023.

Competing in this particular event are seventeen of the best Mobile Legends teams in Indonesia, seeded from the following Conferences:

  • Affiliated Conference – Alter Ego X, AURA Esports, Bigetron Beta, EVOS Icon, Geek Fam ID Jr, ONIC Prodigy, Rebellion Sinai, RRQ Sena, Dewa United Rhodes
  • Open Conference – OPI Pegasus, KINGS Esports, Pendekar Esports, Yasbih Esports, Pajajaran Esports, Jordan Legends, Bossque, Graviz Esports

Starting with a Regular Season between July 10th and September 27th, the competition is split into two Conferences – a single round robin determines that only the top 4 move on to the Playoffs.

Once in the Playoffs, a single elimination between 26th and 29th October, a new champion is crowned through a BO7 Grand Final.

Considering these stakes, in this betting preview we’ll be taking a closer look at the ongoing Regular Season matches – here are some of the upcoming esports betting opportunities:

21st August 2023

  • Pendekar Esports vs Graviz Esports (09:00 CEST)
  • Dewa United Rhodes vs Jordan Legends (11:00 CEST)
  • Opi Pegasus vs Bossque (13:00 CEST)

Thanks to odds provided by GG.Bet, a reliable esports betting site you can learn more about in our GG.Bet review – we’ll be taking a closer look at these upcoming matches below.

MDL Indonesia Betting Predictions

Pendekar Esports vs Graviz Esports

As part of the Open Conference, this upcoming match-up between Pendekar Esports and Graviz Esports is definitely in favour of Pendekar Esports.

So far in the season, Pendekar Esports has definitely looked like the stronger team currently sitting at a 3-3 scoreline. Meanwhile, Graviz Esports sits towards the bottom with a 1-5 scoreline, hanging on to one victory in the season so far.

Bearing this in mind, Pendekar is expected to progress up the standings with another win here according to the esports odds.

  • Predictions: Pendekar (2-0) Graviz Esports
  • Odds: Pendekar Outright Win (-357), Graviz Esports Outright Win (+246)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

MDL Indonesia Betting Preview

Dewa United Rhodes vs Jordan Legends

Moving to the next match, we have a cross-Conference match between Dewa from the Affilitated Conference and Jordan Legends from the Open Conference.

In their respective groups, both teams are currently outside of the top 4.

Specifically, Jordan Legends is 5th at a 2-4 scoreline, while Dewa United is 7th with a 2-3 scoreline.

With both teams hanging on to two wins, a win for either team could help propel them into the top 4 of their respective group.

In this match-up though, Dewa United is favoured thanks to their experience as a rooster.

  • Predictions: Dewa United Rhodes (2-1) Jordan Legends
  • Odds: Dewa United Rhodes Outright Win (-256), Jordan Legends Outright Win (+185)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

Opi Pegasus vs Bossque

Our third match-up worth highlighting is a heavyweight contention at the Open Conference.

Overall, the predictions are rather simple – Bossque is currently undefeated so far with a 6-0 record, while Opi Pegasus is second with a 3-2 record.

Without having to elaborate further, Bossque is the favourite here unless Opi Pegasus can surprise the competition.

  • Predictions: Opi Pegasus (0-2) Bossque
  • Odds: Opi Pegasus Outright Win (+211), Bossque Outright Win (-294)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet
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