Minnesota Rokkr Claims Shock Win In Major V

Published: Aug 2, 2021 - Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. In the Call of Duty League, literally, anything is possible – that point was well and truly proven through Major V.

For Call of Duty fans, the world stood still as Minnesota Rokkr claimed an overwhelming Major victory. It was the first that the team has grabbed in CDL history, and it came following a dramatic spree against the likes of FaZe, Dallas, and Toronto Ultra. In fact, the entire Call of Duty Major V stage was shock after surprise after twist, and what an event it really was.

Minnesota Rokkr launched into action against Atlanta FaZe, putting on a very close-played series. Atlanta FaZe has been the most dominant team in the entire League this season, but this Major just wasn’t the one for them. Bizarrely, the FaZe side, which had already won three Majors in the season, failed to win a single series in this Major. Ultimately, the team at the top of the table fell to Seattle Surge, one of the bottom-most teams in the League.

Rokkr would go on to throw down against Dallas Empire, picking up a nasty 3 – 1 victory over the reigning champions. Then, it was a 3 – 0 wash over Toronto Ultra, which was left completely unable to prevent the devastation of the Minnesota side. Finally, it came down to a regain, with Ultra pushing into the final following a win over OpTic Chicago.

This final fixture went to a ninth map, with Rokkr clutching it 5 – 4.

And allow us to point out one final, shocking fact – Toronto Ultra won the first four maps of the series.

Shock And Awe in the Call of Duty League

Nobody predicted events would unfold as they did over the last weekend. Teams that had dominated in previous stages were left flailing awkwardly against unlikely victors. For example, the New York Subliners collapsed against the Los Angeles Guerrillas, and the LA Thieves. The team managed to grab a narrow victory (very narrow) against the Florida Mutineers, but it wasn’t enough to grab even a top-seven placement.

Elsewhere, Seattle Surge put on a wondrous display, absolutely brutalising a plethora of teams. In a masterful spree, Surge exploded onto the stage, taking down Paris, London, and Atlanta, before falling short against Chicago. However, that final fixture really came down to the wire in a map five, and if Surge had beaten OpTic, who knows what might have happened?

Dallas Empire, the reigning CDL champions, didn’t really pull off anything astounding throughout Major V. The team collapsed in its opening fixture against Minnesota Rokkr, and the regain against LA Thieves (3 – 1) wasn’t a particularly long-lived one. In the very next fixture, against OpTic Chicago, Dallas Empire fell 1 – 3 to the Greenwall.

Look to the Future

All eyes are now on the impending Call of Duty League Champs stage. This exclusive event will determine the ultimate victor for the CDL 2021 season. It’s a hugely anticipated event, and it’ll be the first LAN event with fans in attendance in well over a year.

There’s a $2.5 million prize pot up for grabs, and right now, any one of the eight teams competing has a chance to win the lion’s share. It’ll kick off on the 19th of August, and play will run through to the 22nd, and the grand finale.

Don’t miss a single moment.


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