Minnesota Rokkr vs OpTic Texas Betting Tips, Odds, and Predictions

Published: Dec 7, 2023

Minnesota Rokkr had a tough season through 2023, and the 2024 season is starting with a huge challenge for the squad. First, Rokkr will need to overcome Las Vegas Legion, and after that task has been settled, it’ll need to contend with OpTic Texas, which is breaking into this season with a hyper-sharp squad. It’s a huge ask for Rokkr, and we’re putting together a short guide to discuss those odds, making use of Pinnacle’s markets to make the ultimate decision.

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Minnesota Rokkr vs OpTic Texas Match Preview

It’s a hard ask for any team to face off against OpTic Texas, but how will Minnesota Rokkr fare?

Minnesota Rokkr

Minnesota Rokkr has a brand-new roster heading into the 2024 season, backed up by a mix of veteran players and rookie talent. It’s not a bad roster on paper, but Rokkr had a turbulent off-season and was recently acquired by G2 Esports, so that shake-up may have knocked the team’s momentum a little. Regardless, Rokkr steps up to the plate against a very tough and resilient OpTic Texas, and the Call of Duty odds are not in Minnesota’s favour.

OpTic Texas

OpTic Texas had a roster refresh during the off-season, with the organisation picking up Kenny and Pred, two of the sharpest talents in the League. It was just last year that Kenny won the world championship, and Pred has long been regarded as one of the best players in the scene. During the off-season, the team’s chemistry has been mounting, momentum has been building, and the squad prepares to enter the season white-hot to top the Call of Duty betting stakes.

rokkr vs texas

Minnesota Rokkr vs OpTic Texas Odds & Predictions

Making use of Pinnacle Esports‘ competitive odds, we’ve picked our winner:

Odds are correct at the time of publication and subject to change

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