Misfits and Excel Survive the LEC Tiebreakers

Posted on August 15, 2022

Misfits Gaming and EXCEL Esports have clinched themselves two spots at the LEC playoffs thanks to their tiebreaker performances. Misfits guaranteed to finish the regular season in the top-four and EXCEL pushed Team Vitality out of the race to qualify for their first ever back-to-back LEC Playoffs!

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Excel Defeats Team Vitality

EXCEL hasn’t been able to attend any LEC playoffs before this year. With Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle’s addition to the roster, the organization leveled up and started competing equally against the best teams in the region. The last split was EXCEL’s first playoff contribution and the organization reached a milestone. In the LEC 2022 Summer Split, they had a decent run to qualify for playoffs once again but things got in the way and EXCEL had to play a tiebreaker to live their dreams. The opponent was Team Vitality with players like Perkz, Carzzy, and Haru on the roster. However, this did not stop EXCEL from achieving their goals as they took revenge from last split’s playoffs. This result may have upset LoL betting enthusiasts as Perkz has never missed a Worlds tournament in his career which means that most of the fans were looking at the match in favor of Team Vitality.

Misfits Made it to the Playoffs

Misfits Gaming had a great run in the LEC 2022 Spring Split but the team fell behind in performance in the summer. The organization grabbed 12 wins in the previous split and saw only six losses to finish the regular season in the third spot. Despite losing to G2 Esports in the playoffs, they showed progress and a bright future but things did not go as planned. Misfits made an awful start to the LEC 2022 Summer Split but they managed to get back to their old form after promoting Nikolay “Zanzarah” Ajatov from the academy team. Lucjan “Shlatan” Ahmad was moved back to the academy and after that point, Misfits began its rise once again. They won five games in a row, including some important matches against Rogue and MAD Lions. In the last match of the split, they battled for the fourth spot with Fnatic. Fnatic had a fall lately but they have also kept their performance up to their standards to make it into the playoff bracket. Even though they had control on the upper side of the map, the bottom side was all Misfits Gaming’s playground. Zanzarah, Vetheo, Neon, and Mersa had huge advantages and that’s how Misfits won the tiebreaker to stay in the top four. This has granted them a playoff start from the upper bracket. This split will be nostalgic for the organization, as Misfits sold their LEC spot to Team Heretics a while ago. They will not be competing in the league next year.

What’s Next?

The playoffs will begin soon as the bracket is set and it looks like the competition will be on a very high level. G2 Esports will face Misfits Gaming and Rogue will come up against MAD Lions in the upper bracket. Fnatic and EXCEL are the only lower bracket teams. Don’t forget to check our LEC Summer betting guide if you want to win in the upcoming days!

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