Ten Do’s and Do Not’s For More Enjoyable Esports Betting

Published: Oct 14, 2018 - Last Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The esports industry may still be in its youth, but the esports betting scene has flourished in step.

Sites such as Betway and 10Bet regularly offer many different esports markets, but how should you approach esports betting? Is it different from standard sports betting? Can you trust esports gamers, and are the odds you receive from bookmakers accurate?

The great news is that with esports now heavily regulated, you can be sure that top-level esports contests are going to be as competitive as real sporting events. Furthermore, the odds you will receive for betting on these events will be reflective of the teams or individuals participating. Be assured the bookmakers will do their homework.

Accepting that esports betting is as competitive and viable as standard sports betting, there are still a few esports-specific hints and guidelines you can follow. Outlined below is our list of tips to ensure that your esports betting experience is always a positive one.

1. Only bet with money you can afford to lose

The golden rule of any form of wagering or betting applies equally in esports betting. You should only ever bet with money you can afford to lose. In addition, when you find you are no longer enjoying the betting experience, you should also stop. Any other behavior hints toward problem gambling. Be aware.

2. Take time to research your esports bets

Just as you may invest a little time brushing up on your chosen sports bets each week, research can be very beneficial when placing esports bets. There are many online resources available (Liquipedia being a great place to start) that will give you data on individual tournaments, teams, and players across a broad range of esports. Researching your bet before you make it is the best way to increase your chances of landing a winner.

3. Check the odds available on different sites before you bet

Did you know that you can often find significant differences in odds from one site to the next on esports bets? You can even compare the odds of selected esports bets on sites like Oddschecker. This will allow you to look at your particular bet and discover which site is offering the best value.

4. Join a site that has extensive esports options

Almost all the top sites available today will offer esports betting. Indeed, there are a number of specialist esports betting sites also available. Most punters tend to bet across a range of sports. As such, a site like Betway is a fantastic option. It offers many, many markets as well as regular esports promotions and other offers.

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5. Don’t assume esports betting is easier

Some punters feel that perhaps because esports isn’t as well established as betting on, say, football or horseracing that esports betting could be a way to get rich quick through exploiting relative amateurs. Think again. Bookmakers would not offer odds on a market about which they were not fully confident. Winning is certainly no easier than on your typical sports bet.

6. Don’t assume if your favourite loses that ‘something fishy’ is going on

Shock results are as prevalent in esports as they are in the real world of sports. However, some punters still view these results with skepticism. Accusations that someone threw a game are all too common, if completely unfounded. At the top level of esports, this is extremely unlikely to happen. The penalties for doing so far outweigh the small rewards a team or individual may gain. Take the big upsets at face value.

7. Don’t be led on by wide odds

At the highest level, esports gaming is very competitive. But beyond the elite teams, there can be quite a drop off in ability. When an elite team takes on a lesser team, you’ll be looking at long odds. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a quick way to earn easy money. There is a very good reason why that team may be a 50/1 outsider against the 1/100 favourite.

8. Do your research and bet your preferred angles

Top esports sites like Betway offer a wide selection of markets on a typical tournament. Take a look through the different types of bets available and go with what feels comfortable. If you prefer less risky gambles, match winner bets may be your preferred option. If you like low-value bets with higher odds, then betting on the outright winner of a tournament may be a better choice.

9. Remember the diversity in markets

It can be easy to become focused on just one esport to the exclusion of others. If you have a broader knowledge of esports, then focusing your bets solely on, say, CS:GO tournaments means you are missing out on the opportunity to bet on Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, FIFA 18, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and many other esports. Often, if you can’t find a bet in one tournament that interests you, there may be a similar look in a different esport.

10. Use promotions and get the deals

It is well worth keeping a close eye on the promotions tab of your chosen esports provider. The special offers can be quite special. A site like Betway offers a number of different esports promotions throughout the year. Some may be competition-based; others may be odds boost promotion; others can be simply a chance to earn a free bet. By utilizing these offers, you can get better value when placing your bets.

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