Mobile Sports Betting Gets Green Light From Lawmakers In New York

Published: Apr 8, 2021 - Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo announced the 2022 New York State Budget on the 6th of April, and within the pages of that lengthy document was some very interesting news for sports and esports betting fans in the state.

The budget included within it for the first time, fiscal resources from the introduction of mobile sports and esports betting in the state.

After the success of the launch of esports betting and sports betting in the nearby state of New Jersey last year, the move by New York is believed to be aimed at following that lead and increasing the revenue that can be raised by the state.

Issue A Request For Applications

Rather than simply allowing existing sports betting and esports betting operators in the state to offer mobile betting options too, New York will instead issue a request for applications from companies interested in being the first to offer mobile betting services.

From the applications, which are expected to be a significant number, the state will select at least two providers. These providers will then work with at least four operators or skins in order to offer New York customers mobile sports and esports betting.

There’s no doubt that these companies may well be looking at the top esports betting apps to ensure that they can offer New York customers just as good a service as these top apps do for their customers.

The Governors’ Office reckons that once the mobile sports and esports betting industry has been set up and organised, it will bring in more than $500m in revenue for the state.

Indeed, there are estimates that suggest that mobile sports betting in New York could become the largest sports wagering market in the United States.

The Governor’s Office has said that once fully phased in and operational, the revenue generated from mobile sports betting will be used to provide $5m annually to youth sports in the state and a further $6m which will be used to help tackle issues of problem gambling.

This doubles the budget currently available for both youth sports and problem gambling in the state.

The remaining cash from the introduction of mobile esports betting will be used for education according to the State.

Andrew Cuomo

What Does This Mean For Mobile Esports Betting In New York?

There is good news for people based in New York who want to enjoy esports betting in the USA from a mobile device.

We already know that esports betting in New Jersey is legal and that the state was one of the very first to permit esports betting sites to operate within its jurisdiction. Now New York looks likely to follow suit.

This latest news now seems to make it likely that customers that want to enjoy esports betting on their mobile device in the state of New York now will be able to do so. Especially seeing as a number of sites that offer sports betting already operate in nearby states.

Many of these sites also offer esports betting alongside their sports betting services, so it is likely that when legislators decide who to award the first New York mobile sports betting licenses to, that esports betting will potentially be available for people to bet on.

Given those factors, the great news for mobile esports betting fans in New York is that very soon, you should be able to bet on your favourite esports events from your mobile device!

However, it is also fair to say that there are still a lot of questions unanswered about the move and that further clarification about esports betting in New York as well as other forms of online wagering, will likely be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

What will be interesting from then on, will be how mobile sports and esports betting then takes off in other states across the nation where currently it is not permitted.

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