Mouse Malfunction Causes 45-Minute Delay In Overwatch League Match

Published: Aug 19, 2019

Gamers and spectators had to suffer an agonizing wait of over 45 minutes during an Overwatch League match earlier this week. The clash between Dallas Fuel and Guangzhou Charge was disrupted when Dallas’ main support, Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson, found that his mouse wasn’t working properly.

Start with troubles

Although the troublesome piece of hardware was replaced, it seems that there had to be multiple resets and the whole game was delayed for nearly one hour. The game’s casters managed to keep viewers reasonably entertained for the duration of the delay. Still, it showed that even the biggest esports tournaments aren’t immune from technical problems.

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What made matters all the more frustrating was that Dallas Fuel was closing down on their attack of the last map, Havana, with less than one minute to play. But as uNKOE suffered his mouse malfunction, the match officials had no option but to pause the gameplay.

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The initial pause lasted 28 minutes. Once the problem was fixed, Dallas Fuel set about finishing off the map. But upon restarting the match, the game crashed again. Thus, the overall delay made it the longest pause in Overwatch League history.

Thankfully, the casters Seth King and Wolf Schroder managed to keep viewers entertained whilst the technical issues were resolved. This meant having to go over the season playoff standings, analyze the previous match, and cut to three breaks. It’s also worth mentioning that Dallas Fuel players like Pongphop ‘Mickie’ Rattanasangchod kept his teammates amused with his characteristic good humor.

Not the first stoppage in the Overwatch League

Although the game resumed after nearly an hour, it didn’t give Dallas Fuel the result that they desired. Guangzhou Charge managed to claim the match with a 0-4 victory. It’s also not the first time that Dallas’ gamers have suffered from a lengthy pause in an important match.

Just this April, there was a regional power outage at the Overwatch League Dallas Homestand games. The outage caused 45 minutes of blackout, and the 4,500 fans in the arena were left with little clue as to what was going on in the match between Paris Eternal and London Spitfire.

Although the hosts restored backup power after a few minutes, the game screeched to a halt. The issue ended up affecting the whole of the Allen area of Texas. In turn, most of the players and spectators amused themselves by creating memes of the bizarre situation.

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The casters Achilios and Wolf had also had experience of dealing with these kinds of blackouts. The pair were covering an Overwatch Contenders Korea match last year when Son ‘CoMA’ Kyeong-woo got disconnected from the server.

This caused the match to be delayed and the casters faced having to fill over 40 minutes of dead air. So the next time that you are waiting hours to download the next game update, remember that you aren’t under the same amount of pressure as the stars of the Overwatch scene.

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