MOUZ Joins Valorant

Published: Feb 10, 2022

MOUZ, or formerly known as mousesports, is a German gaming organisation that has been involved in esports for years. Many will be familiar with their achievements in CS:GO, where they have been competing since the early 2002’s.

MOUZ have now decided to broaden their horizons and dip their toes in Valorant esports, where they plan to compete in the second season of the Valorant Champions Tour.

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Valorant Team Reveal

MOUZ have been active in the esports scene for over two decades, competing at the top level across multiple games. That’s why it was only a matter of time before we’d see them in Valorant esports.

So who are the five players representing MOUZ Valorant?

We’ll start the list with the only German player in the team, Felix “al0rante” Brandl. He’s a former Team Heretics duelist who competed with the Spanish squad since June, 2021. Given the recent poor performance from Heretics, it’s no wonder al0rante decided to leave and try his luck with MOUZ.

We’re moving onto the in-game leader of the team, Amine “Amilwa” Saidi. Yet another former Heretics player, with some experience playing with Volvo Peek, Rebel Gaming, and Orgless22. Since he’ll be in charge of leading his team, chances are he’ll play Sova or Omen, both agents he’s highly skilled at.

Then there’s Joseph “Luzuh” Loose and James “Kryptix” Affleck, two professional Valorant players from the UK.

Luzuh honed his skills in Rix.GG Thunder for more than a year, joining as a stand-in in late 2020. He was officially signed in January and competed all the way until early 2022, when the organisation decided to disband their roster.

Kryptix came from Team Liquid, where he has been inactive since late September, when he decided to take a personal break. His break is officially over and he’s now ready to continue competing in Valorant esports.

And finally, we have Laurent “memset” Werly. Another Rix.GG Thunder refugee that was left without a team once the organisation disbanded the team. Memset excels at supporting his allies with agents like Killjoy, Cypher, or Viper. Very similar to Kryptix.

Is MOUZ too late for VCT?

Not at all! While they’ll miss the first EMEA Challengers, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to qualify for the second Challengers.

But more importantly, MOUZ will have so many other tournaments to look forward to, besides VCT. Since last year, Valorant grew exponentially and we can expect an even busier season this year.

We recently covered Red Bull partnering with VCT EMEA for the second time. They’ll not only be directly involved in Valorant Champions Tour, but they also organise other tournaments such as Red Bull Home Ground and Red Bull Campus Clutch. These tournaments offer some great prizes and incredible experience for a fledgling team such as MOUZ.

Additionally, Nerd Street Gamers are always active in the Valorant esports scene, so MOUZ can find opportunities in one of their many NSG Valorant tournaments.

Overall, this could be the beginning of a bright Valorant esports future for MOUZ. If they take it one step at a time and focus on building up their team synergy, they could find great success.

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