JDG vs BLG – MSI 2023 Finals Match Preview & Predictions

Published: May 21, 2023

After nearly three weeks of action, It’s time for the MSI Finals! It’s a historic full LPL final, but only one team will get the glory. Will it be BLG or JDG? Let’s see who has the higher chance in our prediction preview.

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MSI Finals Prediction – It’s all about LPL domination

The two Chinese teams have shown to be a tier above everyone else, taking down all the other teams from the major regions, including the Korean teams who were initially the favorites coming into the tournament.

The teams’ paths, however, have been completely different: JDG had the “easier” journey as they reached the finals through the winners’ bracket, while BLG had to crawl their way back again, just like they did during the LPL Spring Playoffs.

This is going to be the third time these two teams face off in a Bo5 series. On the previous two occasions, JDG won in dominant fashion with 3-1 and 3-0 scores. While that may seem like indicative for the upcoming finals, things have changed slightly which might swing things into BLG’s favor.

JDG vs BLG MSI 2023 Final predictions
Image credit: Riot via Twitter (@LoLEsports)

The series – it’s all about how teams show up on the day

What we have seen so far at MSI is that all the top teams had great potential, but on-stage performances have differed across the board. LPL teams were able to deliver more consistent performances than other teams and that was the game changer.

Their form, as well as the two teams’ drafts, are going to be the key in this final series. Both teams have incredible ADCs, with Elk and Ruler and they are going to be the focal points.

Jinx, Zeri, and Aphelios are going to be the priority picks for these two teams and it will depend on who gets to play what. Based on what we saw so far, Jinx seems to be the most preferred option: she’s either getting banned or picked in the first round.

That said, all matchups are going to be important. Bin and 369 will have the battle to determine who is the king of the top lane, Xun and Kanavi will play a key role in the teams’ early game, and mid laners also have the potential of swinging the momentum towards their own team.

Knight and Kanavi are slightly better than Xun and Yagao, but Bin is in the best form possible so 369 will have a tough time dealing with him. Elk and ON have the potential of keeping up with Ruler and Missing as well, so it really comes to how the two teams deliver on stage.

JDG are slightly favored, but the momentum BLG have built so far is incredible, and we’ve seen how it can really impact a team’s level of play (DRX at Worlds 2022, just to make an example).

What we should expect this time around is a long series: I don’t expect either of them to get a clean 3-0, and it’s likely going to Silver Scrapes. If JDG wins, then they can pull off a 3-1. For BLG, instead, I see more of a 3-2 score.

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It’s really hard to predict what’s going to happen in-game but early-game objectives will be decided by the draft. Try to see who gets the bot lane priority pick for the first drake, with the other team potentially getting access to the first herald.

BLG have also shown to have better early game pathing, so First Blood should go in their favor most of the time. Games are going to be long and drawn out: the average game duration should be well above the 33-minute mark, and the kills count should be quite high, with both teams scoring 10+ kills each game potentially.

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Overall, everything will come down to the drafts: they will decide the flow of the games. Pay attention to what the two teams play, and adjust the bets accordingly.

Featured image credit: Riot via Twitter (@LolEsports)

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