Mid-Season Invitational 2022: Rumble Stage Tips and Analysis

Published: May 20, 2022

After a relatively straightforward group stage, the MSI now moves on to the Rumble Stage of the tournament. There are three undefeated teams so far at this tournament, including T1, G2 and Royal Never Give Up. This stage will be played between May 20 and 24, with the top four teams advancing to the knockout stage.

We’re here to speak about some LoL predictions and break down the esports bets for three of this weekend’s matches.

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MSI Betting Tips

G2 vs Evil Geniuses

Odds: G2 1.45 / Evil Geniuses 2.55 at Betway Esports

When: May 21, 2022 at 10:00 CET

Watch Live: https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames

Evil Geniuses aren’t showing signs of slowing down against the smaller teams. Just last week, they beat Order for the third time at this year’s MSI to make it through to the Rumble stage. The bigger concern, though, has been their form against G2, who won all their games in the group stage to make it this far with a 8-0 record. In comparison, EG only had a 50% success rate. That means it’s advantage G2 straightaway.

Last week, they lost in 39 minutes to G2 but quickly rebounded from the loss to put it past ORDER in just 23 minutes. EG were up by 10k gold within 15 minutes and maintained that position to eventually secure victory. So they’ve shown a tendency of being able to bounce back, but against an opponent who are on their same level of proficiency, perhaps maybe a little lower.

Now, it’s a matter of being able to prove they can stand up and fight G2, who have been on a bull run of sorts. Considering beating ORDER was enough to make it past the group stage – every other group at MSI features four teams – they have had it somewhat easy. The tough job starts now.

G2 Bring The Thrill

G2’s run has been memorable. After going undefeated and surging to a 12-0 run in the LEC Spring Split, expectations were riding high and they have managed to live up to it so far. All their five players have operated at a level of proficiency you’d expect them to. But this isn’t to say they have been unbeatable. EG nearly put it past them when G2 wasted a 10k gold lead following a poor play around the baron pit. Fortunately for them, they were bailed out by Brokenblade and Flakked.

Barring any miracle, expect G2 to continue their winning run over EG, whose lack of experience and big-match temperament has been found wanting despite putting in a commendable showing at the LCS 2022 Spring Split. A little more experience can help, but that isn’t something they can do much about at this point. In terms of Mid Season Invitational betting, this is hardly a difficult decision considering just how strong G2 have been this season.

RNG vs PSG Talon

Odds: RNG 1.15 / PSG Talon 4.75 at Betway Esports

When: May 21, 2022 at 11:00 CET

Watch Live: https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames

In surging to 6-0 to top Group B, RNG proved two things. Being made to replay three matches – games they had won – due to a ping issue that arose because they were competing remotely from Shanghai wasn’t a deterrent, even though it brought with it the possibility of them being thrown off the rails. They also proved not being able to compete from the playing arena – which has its own advantages – didn’t come in the way of delivering results.

Their opponents PSG Talon have only managed a 50% success rate for a 3-3 record going into Saturday’s games. Going by the current trend of form and head-to-heads, RNG are the outright favourites for this clash. The gap is so huge that punters are promising more than 3x the returns should you place pets on PSG Talon to cause an upset. Such a prospect looks highly unlikely under the current scenario.

PSG Talon – Battered And Bruised

PSG Talon were diffident in their approach when the sides last met a week ago.  That they were dismissed very early in the contest that made it a one-way traffic doesn’t bode well for their confidence. In all, PSG Talon managed a mere 36.9k gold in the game; RNG finished with 51.4. They managed only eight kills, which was 18 fewer than RNG, who also captured 9 towers to PSG Talon’s grand sum of zero.

Being comprehensively outdone across every single major parameter was merely a reflection of the gulf that exists between the two teams. Unified and Julan combined managed far fewer kills than RNG’s Xiaohu alone.

T1 vs Saigon Buffalo

LoL Odds: T1 1.01 / Saigon Buffalo 11.00 at Betway Esports

When: May 21, 2022 at 12:00 CET

Watch Live: https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames

Looking at the way they finished up on the points table, you would find it staggering that the odds for this game are so wildly in favour of T1. A bet on Saigon could fetch you 11 times more money on your investment should they win. Just how?

MSI Betting Tips

T1 went all-win, racking up a 6-0 record to cruise into the next round. Saigon, who are keeping the Vietnam flag flying, managed a commendable 4-2 record. These two sides were so ahead of Team Aze and DetonatioN FocusMe that it was reduced to being no-contest halfway through the group stage. Their qualification for the next round was never in doubt, and when this happens, invariably it frees you up to play in an uninhibited style which we saw from both the outfits.

Saigon Buffalo – Blown Away

Gumayusi’s dominance subsided Saigon the last time these two sides met. He landed 5 kills and 6 assists overall without a single death. He was well supported by Zeus, who landed 5 kills, 1 death and 2 assists.a Such was their sustained dominance that Faker had a minimal role to play in the game. T1 landed 17 kills to Saigon’s 8, captured 8 towers to Saigon’s 1.

It’s hard to imagine this kind of dominance over an entire map in recent times. It was merely reaffirmation of T1’s place in the pantheons of being one of the best teams in the sport. Can they continue this winning run going?

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