New North American expansion for Challengermode

Published: Feb 26, 2021

The Swedish esports platform Challengermode has announced their planned expansion into the North American esports market.  Their plan for the expansion is to build new partnerships in North American as well as drive customer acquisition in order to expand its international team, operations and offerings.


Challengermode is a platform that helps its users who are less comfortable with running esports events run one from beginning to end. It is very popular with game developers, tournament organizers, content creators, and brands. The platform offers an automated and scalable tournament and league infrastructure, and flexible monetization tools.

These are hugely important for the growth of esports across the globe. Challengermode has stated that their aim is to make esports accessible to everyone.  They already offer their platform to various national, collegiate, and corporate esports leagues throughout Europe, as well as a wide variety of official competitions for game publishers like Riot Games, EA Games and PUBG Corp.

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Comments from the company

Robel Efrem, the CEO of Challengermode wrote in the press release:

“We’re incredibly excited to announce our official expansion into the US. Thanks to our established industry partners, we are well-positioned to bring grassroots esports the focus it deserves, giving players an all-important place to compete and level up their skills, while simultaneously acting as a gateway for other stakeholders to participate in the esports economy.

“Beyond creating a space for players and organisers, our presence in the US is also targeting further integration with game developers, looking to build out the esports aspects of their games and allowing new esports titles to hit the ground running.”

In the same announcement, Philip Hubner, Challengermode’s Chief Business Development Officer also wrote:

“North America is home to over 57 million esports viewers. Despite the scene’s exponential growth in the last decade, the vast majority of this audience has never had a chance to participate in esports in any capacity, which is especially true on consoles. The industry is still extremely top-heavy and built too much around sponsorship, broadcasting licenses and advertising revenue, rather than consumer revenue and participation.

“Challengermode is looking to turn the current industry model on its head, creating value for all esports stakeholders from the bottom up as well as the top down. To us, game developers are a key part of what will drive this change and so we’re excited to work more closely with developers across the Americas and around the world.”

This should be a big step forward for esports in the US. Despite the easy access to esports titles, actual esports competitions seem like a far-off and lofty goal for many people. Platforms like Challengermode provide a great resource for amateur esports players to hone their skills and smaller-time tournament organisers to grow their brand.

By making the playing of official esports titles easier and more accessible, we could see a whole new generation of esports talent that had access to a support network from an early age and grew in talent for a much longer time.

Andrew Boggs

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Andrew is a Northern Ireland based journalist with a passion for video games. His latest hobby is watching people speedrun Super Mario 64 and realising how bad he is at platformers.

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