Eight Is Going To Be Great: NA LCS Week 8 Coverage And Predictions For eSports Bettors

Published: Mar 9, 2016 - Last Updated: Oct 4, 2022

[toc]It’s that time again, as we prepare you for week 8 in the North American LCS. With only two weeks left to determine playoff seeding (or avoid relegations), expect an exciting finish.

There was a brief pause last week in play as North American League of Legends teams Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid participated at this year’s IEM Katowice event.

We’re here to cover all the action and give our favorite eSports betting predictions for week 8.

TSM shows they can compete on the international stage

TSM fails to take ESC Ever seriously

TSM’s first game of the tournament was against LCK challenger squad, ESC Ever. While TSM started out really strong against Ever, it felt at times they did not respect their opponent. Hauntzer started the game 3-0-5 on Fiora, but for some inexplicable reason, TSM decided to not let him split push.

Ever is a team that has shown they excel at winning small skirmishes, and TSM played exactly into their hand. After a failed team fight 36 minutes into the game by TSM, Ever was able to push to victory. This game showed that TSM has some work to do to be considered a truly great team.

TSM beats Origen in the loser’s bracket

Next up for TSM was Origen. We cover this best of three series more in-depth with our EU LCS week 8 coverage and predictions article, but we’ll take a closer look at what this means for TSM.

For starters, Bjergsen finally showed he can still play carry oriented champions. It’s no secret that Bjergsen has not played at the level many expect of him this year in the NA LCS, so it was great to see him finally play three solid games in a row. His Leblanc was on point against Origen’s PowerOfEvil.

As a team, TSM proved they can play from behind. After being down 5,000 gold in a decisive game three, TSM waited patiently for Origen to make a mistake and then capitalized by taking Baron. The win meant that TSM would face ESC Ever once again.

TSM learns from their mistakes and dominates ESC Ever

TSM came into this matchup knowing they should have beat Ever the first time around. Both games TSM started out strong, and this time they did not take their foot off the pedal.

It was clear in game one that TSM was more focused this time around. Game two wasn’t even close, as TSM ran away with a 17-3 lead in kills and won the game in 25 minutes.

TSM stays close with SKT in the early game

In game one, Bjergsen looked to pick on disputed best player in the world, Faker. After two early kills on Faker, TSM was able to take down first tier mid tower. However, that was about all TSM was able to do as the game transitioned to mid game.

At 19 minutes, TSM looked to take Dragon but were severely punished by SKT, losing the team fight and Dragon. Just five minutes later, SKT picked off two members of TSM and proceeded to take Baron. That was all SKT needed to crack open TSM’s base and secure a game one victory.

Game two started out very slow, with no real action in the first 20 minutes of the game. SKT was fine waiting it out until they found the perfect fight for them, killing three TSM members and then posturing for Baron. TSM looked to stop SKT from taking Baron, but it only led to SKT getting four more kills and ultimately pushing to win the game and the series.

For TSM, they had relatively low chances of beating SKT to begin with. However, their ability to beat Origen and completely dominate ESC Ever in the rematch was promising. This tournament showed that TSM can play with some grit, that Bjergsen still knows how to carry, and that TSM isn’t as far off from competing with the best teams in the world as we thought.

Next up for them will possibly be MSI, and they can look at IEM Katowice as a great building block for the future.

CLG fails to make it out of group stage

CLG plays World Champion’s SKT

CLG had the unfortunate circumstances of having to play SKT in their first game of the tournament. For some reason, CLG decided to have Darshan play Poppy for the first time top lane as well. SKT didn’t dominate CLG, but they also controlled the game from the very onset.

CLG reverted to playing extremely reactively, not wanting to make any big mistakes. After SKT secured a 5,000 gold lead in 20 minutes, CLG started to get desperate. Thirty minutes in the game, CLG challenged SKT to a team fight. Of course, the much stronger SKT team was able to win out, and subsequently push for the win.

CLG throws it away against Fnatic

This was another EU versus NA best of three series that went the distance. Game one saw CLG’s Darshan surprisingly pick Vladimir in the top lane. CLG played this one to their strengths, building a quick 3,000 gold lead in the first 10 minutes and winning the lane swap.

CLG was able to pick up three kills in the next big four on four team fight, growing their lead to 6,000 gold. From there, Darshan became the split pushing beast that has become CLG’s staple, while the rest of the team looked to take other objectives on the map. The game was essentially over after Fnatic decided to send their entire team bottom lane to kill Darshan, giving the rest of CLG’s team a free Baron.

After a few more picks, CLG scored an ace on their way to a game one victory.

Game two saw a crazy pick and ban phase for both teams. Fnatic’s Rekkles played Jhin for the first time, while CLG decided to take Ekko top lane on Darshan and Pantheon in the mid lane with Huhi. CLG started out strong like they did in game one, building a 4,000 gold lead in the first 14 minutes of the game.

However, CLG looked to relax in the mid-to-late game, making careless decisions that let Fnatic back into the game.

CLG was able to steal the first Baron from Fnatic (Darshan literally just walked up to it on Ekko and stole it with an auto attack). CLG couldn’t capitalize though, and Fnatic was able to draw the game out with a few picks. After Fnatic took down an inhibitor, CLG’s gold lead was down to only 1,000 gold.

Again, CLG was able to pick up Baron after an ace of Fnatic, and again, they were unable to close out the game. Fifty-four minutes into the game, Fnatic scored their first Baron of the game, and unlike CLG, they figured out how to close out the game with it, sending the match to a decisive game three.

Game three saw Rekkles stick with his Jhin pick and Darshan go back to his Vladimir. The early game played out exactly like game one and two did, with CLG picking up a quick 3,000 gold lead after a great dive in the bottom lane. Once again, CLG was unable to secure objectives cleanly with their gold lead, losing three members as they attempted to take down Dragon.

Despite this, CLG was able to build their gold lead back to 5,000 gold after taking down two mid lane towers and killing four Fnatic members.

The game turned in Fnatic’s favor at the 28-minute mark, with great moves by both Gamsu and Rekkles leading to Fnatic acing CLG and then taking Baron. Three minutes later, Fnatic made the final push to knock CLG out of the tournament.

It’s somewhat surprising to see how lackluster CLG played against Fnatic. After big wins against Immortals and Cloud 9 in week 7 of the NA LCS, there were high hopes that CLG could be a dark horse in this tournament. Instead, CLG couldn’t even make it out of group stage.

This is still an extremely strong team, but this is another disappointing showing for CLG on the international stage. They’ll have a chance to rectify that at MSI in a few months, but for now, this is a team that is still looking for consistency.

Now to our week 8 predictions for those of you planning to visit the esports bookmakers this week.

NA LCS eSports betting predictions – Week 8 / Day 1

Cloud 9 (1.15) vs. Renegades (5.53)

Renegades was able to pick up their second win of the Spring Split last week against Dignitas. It wasn’t pretty though, as both teams featured two executes in the first five minutes of the game. Renegades even needed a backdoor teleport to ultimately seal the win.

Meanwhile, Cloud 9 is looking good at 9-5 and in sole possession of third place. They’re one game behind CLG for second place after losing to them last week. They’ll need a few upsets and to win out in order to get that coveted bye week spot, but either way, they’re safely in the playoffs.

For Renegades, it’s been a really tough Spring Split. Even with the win against Dignitas, there’s no way they can avoid relegations. I don’t see them winning here, and Cloud 9 are heavy favorites. Take Cloud 9 with confidence.

Despite the loss to CLG last week, I don’t expect anything different from Immortals for the rest of this split. That means more dominating performances.

NRG isn’t a bad team, and they currently sit at 7-7. They’re just not at the same level as Immortals. I expect another game like the first time these two played, with Immortals winning 16-5 in 33 minutes.

Take Immortals here unless you really want to tempt fate.

Counter Logic Gaming (1.36) vs. Team Liquid (3.18)

This becomes more of an intriguing matchup after watching how poorly CLG played at IEM Katowice. They weren’t going to beat the likes of SKT, but losing to Fnatic in the way they did leaves a sour taste in the mouths of CLG fans.

Meanwhile Team Liquid enters this competition at 7-7 and tied for fifth place. They went 2-0 during week 7 of the NA LCS, upsetting TSM. If CLG has any sort of hangover from IEM, they will get upset by Team Liquid here.

I expect a pretty close matchup, but CLG is still the favorite here. Take CLG, but if you’re looking for a solid upset on day 1, Team Liquid isn’t a bad choice.

Team SoloMid (1.30) vs. Team Impulse (3.57)

TSM has all of the parts to be a great team, they just needed time to come together and the experience that comes with it. IEM Katowice provided just that opportunity, as TSM made a deep run to the playoffs before facing the buzz saw that is SKT.

We can’t discount the upset of Team Liquid over TSM in week 7, and that possibility exists here as well. Team Impulse had their own upset over NRG in week 7 and are currently tied with Echo Fox for seventh place. Winning here would help solidify them as that seventh place team (and avoid relegations).

I expect a close game given the ramifications of what’s on the line for both teams. TSM doesn’t want to fall any further in the standings, as they currently sit just one game in front of fifth and sixth place. There’s not as much pressure as TIP is facing, but it’s pressure nonetheless.

As long as TSM doesn’t underestimate the upset potential of TIP, they should be fine here. They tend to play down to the level of their competition this year, and that has proved to be problematic. They’re still much more individually talented then TIP though, and that’s why they’ll be the favorites here.

Pick TSM, but TIP provides slight upset potential given TSM’s track history.

Echo Fox (1.33) vs. Team Dignitas (3.36)

This is a game that both teams are desperately needing to win. Relegations is on the line here, and Echo Fox currently holds a one-win advantage over Dignitas. Despite losses to TSM and Immortals last week, Echo Fox has played solidly since the return of Froggen in the mid lane.

Meanwhile, Dignitas comes into this game at an all-time low. They lost to bottom dweller Renegades in a crucial game for them. I just don’t like what I’ve been seeing from Dignitas, despite a shocking upset of TSM in week 6. That win is increasingly looking more like the outlier instead of the norm.

I’m taking Echo Fox here. They’ve been playing much better now that their roster is fully intact.

NA LCS eSports betting predictions – Week 8 / Day 2

Cloud 9 (1.25) vs. Team Impulse (4.04)

This is a bit of a revenge game for Cloud 9. Team Impulse took down Cloud 9 in week 2, but that was with Bunny FuFuu starting in the support position for Cloud 9. That game was also the catalyst for the return of Hai permanently, and Cloud 9 has been on a roll ever since.

We just stated how Team Impulse is in must-win-now mode, and they realistically need to pull off the upset of either TSM or Cloud 9 here. I don’t see it happening against Cloud 9 though.

Take Cloud 9 with confidence.

Team Liquid (1.66) vs. NRG eSports (2.23)

There really isn’t a marquee matchup this week, so we’re going to go with this one as our game of the week. Both teams are currently tied at 7-7 in fifth place. While neither has secured a playoff spot, they both are two games up on Team Impulse and Echo Fox. Barring some upsets, they should both make the playoffs.

With that being said, the loser of this game falls to sixth place. And you know what sixth place gets you? A first round matchup against Cloud 9 and possibly Immortals in week 2 of the playoffs. The winner most likely plays TSM and then CLG, a much easier path to the finals.

In their first meeting back in week 3, Team Liquid came away with a decisive victory. Also of note for NRG, Altec has stepped down from the starting ADC role, giving way to LOD. It worked against Renegades, but they were upset by Team Impulse the next day.

Until I see more from this team, I’m taking Team Liquid here.

Team SoloMid (1.20) vs. Renegades (4.67)

In my upset pick of the day…just kidding! Despite the numerous teams that have upset TSM this year, it would be extremely shocking to see them lose to Renegades.

Never say never, but I’m taking TSM here with confidence.

Immortals (1.11) vs. Team Dignitas (6.77)

On one side, we have the Immortals, the best team in the North American LCS. On the other side, it’s Dignitas, coming off a loss to the worst team in North America.

This is a no brainer. Take Immortals all the way and don’t look back.

Counter Logic Gaming (1.40) vs. Echo Fox (3.00)

Split pushing Darshan will be on full display here. Echo Fox’s kfo has played better as of late, but playing against Darshan is an experience all in its own.

There’s a lot on the line for Echo Fox, so they’re going to give their best in this game. I just don’t see them being able to win the team fights and contend with the likes of Darshan. Take CLG here.

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