NBA Adds Senior Director Position To Help Launch 2K Esports League

Published: Jun 6, 2017 - Last Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is continuing its moves within the esports industry. After the recent announcement of its forthcoming NBA 2K Esports League, the association is now looking for a person to join its marketing and business operations team as an esports representative.

Senior director will support the launch of the 2K league

“The primary responsibility of the Sr. Director, esports role [sic] will be to support the build out of team strategy and sales/marketing approach for the launch of the NBA 2K Esports League,” says the job notice, which was posted about two weeks ago.

The staff that oversees marketing and business operations across 67 teams in the NBA, WNBA, and NBA Development Leagues will now add 17 new esports teams to that list.

With a boom in the esports industry and many traditional organizations showing interest in expanding their reach into the esports community, the new director won’t lack for projects and tasks.

Judging by the job’s main responsibilities, the NBA is looking for a person who knows his or her way around the esports industry. Besides serving as the lead on all esports matters between the league and teams, the person is also expected to “maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of the video gaming audience and overall landscape with a deep focus on eSports industry trends, game titles, gamer talent, league operations.”

2K Esports League has a lot of potential

With 17 NBA organizations committed to launching digital counterparts, the new esports project is off to a great start. Each team will reportedly pay approximately $750,000 for a three-year participation in the league.

When asked in an interview with The Drum how the project came to life, NBA 2K Esports Managing Director Brendan Donohue explained:

“We, along with 2K, recognized a tremendous opportunity. Esports is another great way for us to engage with NBA fans and NBA 2K players. We know our fans are digitally/tech savvy, our audience is young and diverse, and they are global.

This aligns perfectly with the eSports space. We’re launching the NBA 2K eSports league because we see a tremendous opportunity in the space to engage a burgeoning community and grow the game of basketball.”

Pending the addition of an experienced executive to help launch the new undertaking, the NBA is on a good path to create a successful offshoot of its league. On top of that, the continuous growth of the esports industry means there’s no shortage of enthusiastic fans to support the project.

The NBA 2K Esports League will have its inaugural season in 2018.

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