Neon Trailer is Out – The New Filipino Valorant Agent

Published: Jan 6, 2022

The new Neon trailer is out, and it’s spectacular! Not only have Riot managed to score the perfect song to accompany the trailer, but the animations, the dialogue, and all the abilities we’re able to see in the video all fit perfectly together.

This company has proven time and time again that they’re the best in the business when it comes to bringing the characters from their games to life, which was especially evident in their recent hit series “Arcane”, but also in this new Valorant Neon trailer.

The electrifying Filipino agent will be coming to the game in Episode 4 later this month. But for now we get to enjoy this amazing trailer and analyze all the little details from it.

Image Credits | Riot Games

What Do We Know So Far?

This amazing Neon trailer will take a couple of views to fully capture all the little moments and subtle details. In here we’re watching Neon settle into her new room, after which we are taken right into the action where we can see how some of her abilities look like.

She’s a master of lightning, so all her signature abilities are lightning-themed. One of the most interesting moves she can do is to shoot lightning from the tip of her fingers. Many believe this could be her ultimate ability. We also hope that you have to aim it, and that it doesn’t have an auto-lock mechanic tied to it, as that would be potentially game-breaking.

While her ultimate will certainly help her win gunfights and take out enemies when she dashes into the fight, it’s not the only unique feature of her toolkit.

She seems to have a sprint and a dash ability, which ties in perfectly with her speed-oriented theme. Also, it was confirmed that she’s actually a duelist, which puts all those initiator theories to rest. This makes her very similar to Jett, so it will be interesting how the two agents will compare in Valorant esports later down the road.

One more ability that might have gone unnoticed in the trailer is her throwable object that most likely causes a concussion effect and can bounce off walls.

And lastly, she has some sort of a double wall that shoots in a straight line and is quite narrow but long. We don’t know the duration of it yet, but it will certainly impact fights in a big way.

The Fans Were Right Once Again

Like usually, Riot fans are quite the detectives when it comes to predicting new Valorant agents. They’ve done it before, like we saw with Chamber, and they’ve done it again.

We first saw the “Sprinter” leaks months ago, and the community immediately went to work to figure out the identity of this codenamed agent. Through various promotional clips and other sources, the fans slowly pieced the puzzle together.

Image Credits | Riot Games

The mystery was solved after the Prime Gaming website leaked the full image of the agent, as well as her name. Riot was forced to confirm the leaks and just days later we received this amazing trailer.

When Will Neon Arrive to Valorant?

Neon is arriving later this month. The Riot team left the following message in the trailer description:

Our newest Manila-born Agent is sprinting onto the scene with Episode 4: Disruption. Lace up and get ready.

So we’ll be able to test the new agent as soon as Episode 4 drops, which should be very soon unless Riot decides to delay the update.

From what we’ve seen from the trailer, she’ll be an instant top pick for many Valorant players and you can already expect to see Neon in every single match for the next month or two. We can’t wait to see how she’ll perform in the new season of Valorant Champions Tour and whether she’ll dethrone Jett or not. In any case, she’ll certainly be meta for the foreseeable future in Valorant esports.

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