Nerd Street Expands Its Esports Summer Camps Across North America

Published: May 9, 2022

Summer Camps have long been a part of American culture, with parents packing their children off to a variety of different camps over many decades.

Well now there is another option thanks to Nerd Street GamerNerd Street Expands Its Esports Summer Camps Across North Americas expanding its number of esports camps across North America.

The Esports company has joined forces with US Sports Camps, City of Philadelphia Parks And Recreation Department, Apprentice Esports and Esports Camps at Seton Hall University to grow the number of esport camp offerings to children aged 9 to 17 across North America.

The camps will start on June 13th and will run daily right through until August 19.

They will encourage children participating to not only polish their esports skills and to understand more about the industry and the games, but also to develop ‘healthier gaming habits’ in general.
Children attending will also learn to develop their teamwork, leadership and collaborative skills in addition to developing their gaming techniques.

Of course, esports betting won’t be one of the disciplines that the youngsters learn about!

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Camp Details

Camps will take place at several locations across the United States including Fullerton, Bakersfield, Oceanside in California, Denver, Philadelphia, St Louis, North Brunswick, South Orange and Georgetown.

The CEO and founder of Nerd Street, John Fazio, commented:

As we continue to provide a fun and safe, in-person gaming experience across the country, we are expanding our summer programs with support through our new partners to help young gamers identify a path to success, while learning proper skills, technique, and how to be a better athlete.

The Partnership Director for Youth Enrichment Brand at US Sports Camp, Charlie Freund added:

I love seeing Camp Localhost expand their reach because these passionate leaders can impact more young gamers.

Camp has always been a space for growth, a frontier of new social experiences and a place of independence. Our shared goal is growing the gaming community with positive players.

Boost For Philadelphia

Children in Philadelphia will not only be able to access their own LocalHost esports camp, but the city will also run a Pokemon Camp at The Block in the city.

This camp will be dedicated to the popular gaming series and will see demonstrations and talks from professional players used to competing in top esports tournaments and gamers as part of the camp itinerary.

As recreation leaders, we are constantly thinking of new ways to engage young people from all walks of life,” said Larry Laccio, the Esports Co-Chair of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation.

The chance to partner with a company like Nerd Street, who specializes in providing access to esports for gamers of all ages and skill levels – was a no brainer. Thanks to Nerd Street, Parks & Rec and the kids we serve are now entering the new recreational frontier of esports. This is the future of our work and will help us stay relevant to young people.

Upgraded Summer Camps

Given that camps in the United States have tended to cater for activities such as sports, outdoor pursuits, team building, empowerment and improving self-esteem, the move into the esports industry is not just a sensible one, but a necessary one.

With the demographic of esports including many players of the ages that attend these summer camps, it is a great option for children to have if they are not comfortable with the more traditional summer camp options.

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