Nerd Street Gamers Partner With FTX

Published: Feb 20, 2022

We have seen quite a lot of partnerships between gaming and crypto organizations. This time around, we have FTX partnering up with Nerd Street Gamers, a national network of esports facilities that also hosts various gaming events.

What is FTX?

Everyone interested in the gaming industry has some kind of clue what Nerd Street Gamers is and what they stand for, but the same could not be said about FTX. It is a Bahamian cryptocurrency exchange platform where people can purchase various cryptocurrencies and sell them for fiat currency.

It is one of the biggest platforms, and it offers competitive trading fees for hundreds of coins, which explains its popularity. If you think you have already heard about FTX partnering up with someone big, your intuition is correct.

Image Credits | Nerd Street Gamers

In 2021, Riot Games announced that there was going to be a seven-year sponsorship deal with FTX for the LCS, which is one of the most significant esports leagues in the world. Another extensive partnership that FTX managed to snatch up is the one with the organization TSM, which was also one of the biggest ones in the history of esports at the time.

What can we expect from the partnership with Nerd Street Gamers?

While the partnership is certainly not as big as the one with Riot Games, it will provide a lot of value to the esports network. For starters, the upcoming Nerd Street Championships, which is a series of competitions that involves various titles and is open to all players, will have an increased prize pool. Nerd Street Gamers announced that the event would have over $500,000 as prize money.

Crypto is becoming more relevant in esports

If you are an enthusiast of esports betting, you have probably noticed all of the partnerships from the crypto industry that are getting involved in esports. While many dislike this, as they are not a fan of crypto or the NFT craze that has been going on in the past few months, it is actually a positive thing, at least it is so far.

The main reason it is good is that it helps introduce the positive sides of crypto to the fans of esports, and it also makes betting on esports that much more manageable just because of how crypto works. We are only almost two months into 2022, and so many partnerships between crypto and esports organizations have occurred, so it would not be surprising if some new ones are made in the future, so stay tuned.

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