Nevada: Regulator Eases Esports Betting Regulations

Published: Oct 22, 2023 - Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Nevada’s sportsbooks are celebrating a significant victory as the state’s gaming landscape takes a futuristic turn.

The Silver State is Betting on Esports

With the Nevada Gaming Commission‘s recent nod of approval, sportsbooks wishing to provide esports betting in Nevada no longer need to knock on regulators’ doors event by event.

The Commission has given the green light to regulations meticulously crafted by the Esports Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC) and endorsed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

Formally known as regulation 2022-07R, this milestone ruling integrates esports seamlessly into the broader spectrum of sporting events. In practical terms, it means sportsbooks can now accept esports wagers in the same way that they have for traditional sports.

However, this exciting expansion comes with a caveat. Every state-licensed sportsbook must diligently meet specific requirements, ensuring a fair playfield and maintaining the integrity of the wagers.

“The regulations are very important to our industry,” stated Dr. Brittnie Watkins, a respected member of the NGCB.

“These amendments have been a long time in coming, and it’s my belief they will help promote and increase the volume of wagers. They’re in line with our policy goals of promoting the success of gaming.”

In a unanimous decision, the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) endorsed regulation 2022-07R. A small tweak made by the three-member agency marked the final step in this transformative journey, heralding a new era for Nevada’s esports betting sites and esports enthusiasts alike.

Experts are Leveling Up Nevada’s Esports Betting

Esports betting in Nevada has come a long way since the ETAC held its inaugural meeting in March 2022. Sportsbooks keen on including esports events had to navigate the excessive bureaucracy demanding and adding unnecessary weight to sportsbooks’ shoulders, as concluded by the Esports Technical Advisory Committee. Nevada sportsbooks will now be able to swiftly offer betting on sanctioned esports tournaments without administrative drudgery.

Why the shift? The NGC, the NGCB, and gaming industry leaders joined forces, reaching a consensus that oddsmakers possess the prowess to judge if an esports event is fit for legal betting. They share a belief in the expertise of said oddsmakers, acknowledging their knack for discerning the esports gold from the dross.

NGC’s Stance on Anti-Doping

While many expected a provision on doping to be included, the NGC opted out. The NGCB’s suggestion of sportsbooks communicating with esports organizers to ensure anti-doping measures were in place didn’t quite make the cut.

Essentially, experts believe that keeping sportsbook staff tied up with busy work could hinder the influx of esports events on the betting boards, potentially dampening the thrill of the game for all involved.

Image: Hyper X/Allied Esports

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