Nevada Begins Process To Create Body Responsible For Esports In State

Published: Mar 23, 2021

With the introduction of Senate Bill 165, the State of Nevada has begun to take the steps needed to create an official commission that will govern esports within the famous gambling state.

The Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee heard the bill on March 17 2021 and discussed the merits of the proposed body.

If formalised, agreed, and passed into law, it would mean that the Nevada Esports Commission would be the first of its kind in the United States and it would be a huge step in helping esports and esports betting become more accepted and known in mainstream U.S.

Prizes Of More Than $1,000

The bill, which was drafted by Senator Ben Kieckhefer, outlines how the Nevada Esports Commission would act as a regulatory body within the state, covering all esports events and tournaments that offer a prize of $1,000 or more.

The template for the Nevada Esports Commission is believed to be the Nevada Athletic Commission, which governs a number of events in the state such as boxing and MMA. The board would initially consist of four members; an executive director appointed by the state governor and three other members.

The Nevada Esports Commission would fall under the auspices of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry.

If the bill is approved, then it will come into effect as of January 1, 2022.

From that date, any players or tournament organiser that intends to participate or host an event with a prize fund of $1,000 or greater, would be required to register with the Commission.

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Key Role In Regeneration Of Nevada Post Pandemic

Senator Kieckhefer believes that if the body works well in Nevada, that it could well be rolled out to govern esports across the United States.

And while the bill does not expressly mention esports betting, the founder of 8-Bit Esports, Milo Ocampo believes that it would not take very much to adjust the terms of the commission to ensure that it is responsible for the regulation and standardization of esports betting in Nevada.

In addition, it is believed that it will also play a key role in helping regenerate esports and esports betting in Nevada, as well as improving the local economy. This will happen by promoting major cities in Nevada, such as Las Vegas, as the focal point for esport gaming and tournaments in the United States.

“If we can position Nevada and Las Vegas as a thought leader in esports, it could absolutely attract the right companies, tournament organisers, developers, and the millions of fans that associate with esports,” stated Senator Kieckhefer.

“We can work with the industry to help them solve their problems and create a stable foundation for them to feel safe and happy in Las Vegas. I want them to know that the government here respects them, wants them to be here so that they set up shop here, operate here, create jobs in our community.”

It seems like a great fit as we mentioned last year that Las Vegas is slowly learning to love the esports and esports betting industries.

In an industry that is worth more than $1bn globally already, but which still has massive potential for growth, the creation of a Nevada Esports Commission would be a very positive step forward for the state and for the esports and esports betting industries in the United States in general.

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