New CS:GO Esports Product From SIS: How Will This Affect The Industry?

Published: Jul 20, 2022

Sports Information Services (SIS) has launched a groundbreaking 24/7 Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) betting product. As the leading retail betting service supplier, this vast SIS launch could significantly change esports betting.

The service allows customers to bet on 25,000 CS:GO matches a year, shown 24/7 on a multi-channel platform. The service has live commentary, results, and player stats in what appears to be a game-changing product launch.

SIS Esports Product
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SIS launches CS:GO esport product

Sports information services have been providing sports betting products since 1986 and are the leading provider in the industry. SIS is now venturing further into esports betting with the launch of their 24/7 CS:GO multi-channel end-to-end service. This product brings CS:GO betting to another level, with endless options to bet with constant coverage of one of the biggest esports games in the world.

This launch signals their intent with esports betting and provides excellent opportunities for CS:GO fans. The service offers many live betting prompts, including live commentary, results, player stats, and more. The betting odds are being provided by Odin.GG, who are closely collaborating on the product. They have also worked closely with the Esports Integrity Coalition to ensure the competitive integrity of the matches.

The potential impact of the product

SIS’s new product shows just how far esports betting has come and signals how much further it can go. All esports betting retailers should be looking to get involved as it creates so much scope for their consumers.

Having a platform to watch and bet on CS:GO 24/7 will attract many esports bettors. With 25,000 quickfire head-to-head CS:GO 2v2 matches every year, this can drastically increase betting turnover.

SIS has ensured every match’s competitive integrity, providing a reliable and trustworthy service for retailers and customers. This greatly benefits everyone involved as avoiding match-fixing is vital to make all games fair.

Key takeaways & potential outcomes

Sports Information Services are no strangers to virtual betting as they first brought virtual horse racing to market in 2001. They are pioneers in betting and have brought innovations since 1986. Their increased involvement in esports betting is significant for CS:GO fans and the entire esports industry.

It seems likely that SIS will continue to innovate in esports betting and launch similar products for other major esports titles. This product appears destined for success and could lead the way as a flagship service in esports. Many betting retailers are sure to utilize the new CS:GO betting channels to draw in new customers and improve the experience for their existing bettors.

Overall, this is an incredibly significant launch that will benefit retailers and their customers and set up an excellent future for esports betting.

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