New Valorant Agent Neon Leaked

Published: Jan 4, 2022

After months of speculation and datamined leaks, we finally have some concrete proof of the new Agent 18 coming to Valorant in Episode 4. While Riot have been careful not to spill the beans, they have been dropping subtle hints over the past few months.

Finally, several days ago, the Prime Gaming website unintentionally leaked the name and the design of the new agent, whose name was revealed to be Neon.

The lightning-based speedster will most likely be arriving to Valorant on January 12th when the new Episode 4 is expected to drop. Additionally, Riot Games will probably reveal extra information in the coming days now that the news is out, and hopefully we’ll learn more details about Neon’s abilities.

Image Credits | Riot Games

The Wait is Over

The hunt for Agent 18 is finally over. The leaked image from Prime Gaming clearly shows a lightning agent speeding ahead and her name is also visible in the corner. But even before this leak, we already knew that an agent codenamed “Sprinter” was scheduled for release right after Chamber.

Also, the community picked up on those subtle hints that Riot has been dropping and deducted that the new agent is from the Philippines.

So we know her name, how she looks, and some basic background. The only thing we’re not sure about yet is how her ability toolkit will look like, but it’s already known that she’ll be using lightning in some way.

Neon’s Abilities

With Neon’s abilities revolving around lightning and speed, it’s easy to imagine something similar to Jett but with a different twist. The already popular duelist role will just get even more attention once Neon is released, and we can expect her to instantly become one of the top picks in Valorant esports.

With her superior speed, Neon will probably be able to get in and out of fights lightning-fast. This means she’ll probably work better in a more aggressive playstyle, rather than passive.

Also, while a lot of the fans believe her to be the next duelist, some believe she could, in fact, be the new initiator. It could work both ways. But again, we’ll only know for sure once Riot Games reveal all the details in the following days.

Riot Confirms the Leak

In the past, leaks that were datamined by the community were not confirmed until the last minute. The fans were pretty accurate with Chamber, and the same can be said for Neon, the agent with the “Sprinter” codename.

When the Prime Gaming website mistakenly leaked the agent, Riot were quick to embrace the moment and tweeted a message stating:

Looks like some of you might be faster than our next Agent. Here’s an uncropped version to share. See ya next week!

The leak pretty much forced Riot’s hand to confirm it and share the image themselves, but the way they did it was quite amusing to the community. The fans had some fun in the comment section, but it was overall positive feedback.

The final sentence of the Riot tweet could also mean that Riot plans to reveal more information about Neon during this week. We’ll keep an eye on their social media just in case they drop the news and we’ll make sure to let you know right away. Make sure to stay tuned!

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