New WoW Expansion Leaked – Dragonflight

Published: Apr 4, 2022

World of Warcraft has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past few expansions. The game received a massive facelift in recent years, making it more appealing to today’s younger audience. At the same time, the core gameplay deteriorated and the game became bloated with system upon system, forcing players into a loop of endless grinding.

But despite all the negatives, especially all the bad press Blizzard has been receiving lately, the fans still hold on to hope that the next expansion will fix everything, and that they’ll finally be able to resubscribe and enjoy their favourite MMORPG once again.

Well, here’s some positive news for once. The players have discovered a leak that hints towards the new expansion being dragon-themed. According to the leaks, the new expansion will be called Dragonflight. We might finally be able to experience the mystical Dragon Isles and explore the vast history of the Dragon Aspects in WoW.

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The Dragon Isles

The WoW detectives in the community have always been hard at work datamining upcoming changes to the game. And when it came to new expansion leaks, they were often more right than wrong.

The Shadowlands expansion was leaked prior to the release and many features that were leaked turned out to be true and ended up in the live version of the game. That could be the case with this new WoW expansion leak.

The Dragon Isles was a zone originally planned for WoW Vanilla. It was even featured on some of the original WoW artwork. Blizzard had obviously planned to explore the history of the dragons on Azeroth, but something else always took precedence. Now that the Shadowlands story is pretty much over and we took down the Jailer, it’s the perfect moment to introduce a more “vanilla” story that’s a bit more light-hearted in comparison.

The community is already sold on the idea of the next expansion being about dragons. The Blizzard team will officially reveal the new expansion on April 19th, so we’ll see whether any of this ends up being true or not. We certainly hope it will.

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What Could Blizzard Introduce in Dragonflight?

When it comes to new WoW expansions, there’s a few things players always expect. Of course, the first one being a raised level cap, new zones, stories, and a big baddie we have to take down.

But the more important thing players always look forward to is the new talents and abilities, but also new races and hero classes. The Burning Crusade brought Blood Elves and Draenei into the mix, Wrath of the Lich King introduced powerful Death Knights, Cataclysm had Goblins and Worgen as new playable races, MoP had Monks, and Legion unveiled the long-awaited Demon Hunters.

Shadowlands had no new hero classes, which could suggest we’ll be getting one or multiple in WoW Dragonflight. Blizzard could mix things up and instead of adding a brand new class, simply add a new spec to all existing classes in the game. The new specialisations would have dragon abilities that would tie into the existing theme of the class. Some food for thought.

Another thing Blizzard might do is to revamp the old world for the second time. The first time they did it was during Cataclysm when Deathwing rampaged across Azeroth, and if the dragons are returning, we might see a similar story take place once again.

Blizzard has been trying hard to right some of the wrong done. They have revealed their esports plan for the current year and they’re much more involved in the WoW esports scene now. The new expansion could be their ticket to success and a chance to regain some of the trust they lost with their fans. We’ll see what happens on April 19th.

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