Nielsen Expands Data-Driven Esports Partnership With ESL Gaming

Published: Apr 27, 2022

North American data and metrics company Nielsen have agreed to expand on their current partnership with the major esports tournament organiser ESL Gaming.

The former agreement struck between the two back in 2019, has now been expanded to allow Nielsen to track more events each year, as well as an increase in the number of broadcasts and channels tracked by the company.

The new deal will see events included in the ESL Pro Tour in CSGO, ESL Gaming’s Dota 2 tournaments and similar, as well as the entirety of the ESL mobile esports system.
ESL’s newly announced Snapdragon Pro Series will also be assessed as part of the new deal.

In addition to an expansion of data collection across the different ESL tour tournaments, the new partnership agreement will see the initial agreement extended for a further three years.

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Feedback For Partners And Advertisers

There are a number of different ways that the ESL will benefit from being able to utilise Nielsen’s services across a wider range of its services and products.

Firstly, the fact that more events are covered by the agreement means that the quality of research within esports will improve, giving ESL Gaming greater clarity on its events, their impact and how much bang for their buck their investors and sponsors are getting.

The data provided by Nielsen will also allow ESL’s partners to evaluate how effective their integration has been and help feedback from the ESL be more financially focused and value-driven.

This will be through utilizing Nielsen’s Quality Index Media methodology during the research process and when analysing the results.

The partnership will extensively incorporate a shared focus on a quartet of key areas for ESL Gaming and its partners:

“In-Depth Insights”

The Director of Commercial Operations at ESL Gaming, Tobias Vogt, commented on the partnership extension positively, stating:

Nielsen is a true market leader when it comes to sports research. The long-standing partnership has already provided our business partners with many in-depth insights into and a great deal of standardized reliable data about esports communities, brand activations and measurable ROI.

By expanding this collaboration and including more events, we keep innovating our ecosystems and the wider industry, and we are very excited to continue sharing our extensive knowledge with our existing and future partners.

Data Driven Analysis

The importance for major esports organisations like ESL Gaming to have accurate, up-to-date and informative data is fundamental to its ability to attract new sponsors and investors, as well as to help inform the company as to what fans, viewers and players want for their favourite esports and tournaments.

This is a fact that Nielsen clearly recognises as Timo Krueger explained:

We are working closely with ESL to understand better their challengers to provide the best and most beneficial data around partner valuation and fan/consumer behaviour in a rapidly developing entertainment industry around the world.

Research is fundamental to the growth of any major organisation and the greater the quality of that data can only enhance the prospects of the ESL going forward.

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