Nintendo Withdraws Super Smash Bros. From EVO 2022

Published: Mar 1, 2022

When it comes to fighting game tournaments, EVO is the biggest event of the year. Not only that the event is a host to thousands of contestants, but also all kinds of titles, you can find pretty much any bigger fighting game at the event, but unfortunately, this year, there is no Super Smash Bros, which is quite a shame.

Little bit of history

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EVO is quite an old event, and so is the SSB series. While one might think that it was at the event since the very beginning, that is actually not true, as Nintendo was not too friendly when it came to the streaming rights of their games back in the day.

Of course, eventually, in 2007, Super Smash Bros. was finally allowed to stream, and Nintendo was giving it the greenest of all lights, as it drew in quite a lot of attention. The attention for Smash Brothers was not necessarily something Nintendo needed, as it was, and still is one of the most, if not the most popular fighting game in the world, but you know the saying: “any publicity is good publicity.”

Since then, EVO has had many epic moments involving the game. It is quite unfortunate that we are not going to see it this year at the event, and we are sure that the Super Smash Bros betting enthusiasts are just as disappointed.

Why would Nintendo cancel tradition?

Well, while there is no official statement behind the reasoning for stopping the support for the tournament, it is believed that Sony’s acquisition of EVO in the spring of 2021 has something to do with it. It could be because of that, or there could be some other kind of reason we might find out in the future.

Where can you get your Super Smash Bros. fix now?

While one of the best fighting games in the world will not be showing up on EVO this year, Nintendo did sign a deal with Panda Global in November 2021 in order to create an official circuit for SSB Ultimate and SSB Melee in North America. This could also be another reason behind the canceled EVO support.

Either way, if you are impatient with esports betting when it comes to Super Smash Bros., then you will have to wait for the official circuit to begin, where Nintendo will actually be providing prize pools. It is quite a big deal that they acknowledged the existence of the competitive scene for Super Smash Bros. Melee, to begin with, so if that is the game you want to watch or compete in over Ultimate, that option will exist as well.

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