Nongshim RedForce vs Gen.G – Odds & Predictions

Published: Jan 19, 2024

The upcoming LCK Spring 2024 match features Nongshim RedForce going up against the might of Gen.G. This game is anticipated to be a clear demonstration of Gen.G’s dominance in the League of Legends competitive scene.


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Nongshim RedForce vs Gen.G Match Preview

LoL odds used in this article were provided by one of the best LoL betting sites, Pinnacle.

Nongshim RedForce: Facing a Steep Challenge

Nongshim RedForce has been a team that often fluctuates in performance. Their recent history in the LCK doesn’t paint them as top contenders, especially when stacked against a team of Gen.G’s caliber.

For the 2024 season, Nongshim RedForce has strategically enhanced their roster with in-house promotions. Jiwoo ascends from the Academy to assume the ADC role on the main team, while Callme steps up as the Mid Laner.

This internal reshuffling will most likely increase the team’s chemistry and dynamics, as both players are already well-integrated within the team’s framework and playstyle.

Gen.G: The Goliaths of the League

Gen.G has consistently been a force to be reckoned with in the Korean League of Legends scene. Their lineup, featuring outstanding talents such as Chovy and Canyon, has the depth, skill, and strategic understanding that make them favorites for not just this match, but the entire LCK season.

This season sees modest adjustments to the roster, with Kiin taking over the Top Lane and Lehends stepping in as Support.

Despite these changes, the core team dynamic is expected to remain stable, largely due to the continued presence of Chovy, who is celebrated as one of the finest Mid Laners in LCK history.

Image Credits: Pinnacle

Nongshim RedForce vs Gen.G – Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports odds heavily favor Gen.G, indicating the expected ease of victory for the esports giants.

Betting on Gen.G is more than just playing it safe; it’s recognizing their proven track record and capability to dismantle teams like Nongshim RedForce. Their tactical superiority and individual prowess make them the overwhelming favorites.

A bet on Nongshim RedForce is a long shot but could be tempting for those looking for high-risk, high-reward scenarios. An upset here would be nothing short of a monumental shock in the LCK.

  • Prediction: Nongshim RedForce (0-2) Gen.G
  • Odds: Nongshim RedForce Win (9.670/+867), Gen.G Win (1.066/-1515)
  • LoL Gambling Site: Pinnacle

Odds are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.

Hero image credit – LoL Esports

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