Esports And Cryptocurrency Forges Links In Norway With New Partnership

Published: Mar 31, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In what is one of the very first agreements of such a kind to be agreed in Scandinavia, one of Norway’s leading esports organisations, Nordavind have signed a cooperation agreement with the cryptocurrency company Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX).

We already know that cryptocurrency and esports gaming share a number of similarities. Both are based on modern technology and have a strong uptake with millennials. Indeed, we have also seen a boom in the amount of crypto esports betting that has taken place over the years, alongside a massive increase in cryptocurrency betting in general.

This latest collaboration between the two companies has been developed to allow both companies to try and tap into each other’s resources and customer pool, to enhance the prospects of both the exchange and the esports team.


Speaking about the agreement, the CEO of Norwegian Block Exchange, Aleksander Kjos-Mathisen, commented that the deal was an easy one to make.

“This was a no-brainer, it was just a question of time. Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and young people will play a major role in the next wave of adoption, with both payment mechanisms and investment opportunities. Esports and cryptocurrency are experiencing exponential growth, attracting audiences beyond just young people.”

“We are very pleased that we have now entered into a partnership with Nordavind, where several of the players already are familiar with NBX. Therefore, the timing is perfect for reaching out to each other and together create meaningful interactions for everyone who is interested in esports and the money of the future.”

“Natural Fit”

Mr. Kjos-Mathisen’s comments were echoed by Steffen Willumsen, the commercial director at Nordavind. Mr Willumsen commented:

“Nordavind and NBX are two brands born in the digital world, which makes us a natural fit. Both cryptocurrency and esports are ground-breaking in their respective segments, and also share much of the same target area. We are proud to work with such a solid company as NBX, and we are eager to see what we can achieve together in the time to come.”

It is easy to see why both spokespeople for the companies agree that this partnership is a natural fit. Nordavind will gain access to one of the most respected and popularly-used cryptocurrency-based companies in the Nordics, while NBX will gain further exposure from being linked with one of the top esports organisations in the region.

Nordavind operates a CSGO esports team and their biggest win to date came back in July 2020, when the team won the Eden Arena: Malta Vibes Week 1 tournament, taking home their biggest ever prize of $25,000.

They also have a development team, Nordavind Talent, with the aim of nurturing promising players into the esports professionals of tomorrow for their first team.

Latest in a Series of Partnerships

This announcement is the latest in a long list of collaborations between companies in esports or organisations that play esports games, with companies in other technological or financial fields. It certainly seems a popular way for companies to develop their reach and tap into new markets by agreeing terms on a partnership that will prove to be mutually beneficial.

NBX actually began life as a company that sought to allow cryptocurrency payments for the air industry in Norway, but soon developed into a chief source of cryptocurrency transactions across a wide range of markets.

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