CS:GO Organization North Enters Partnership With Challengermode

Published: Nov 15, 2018 - Last Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Danish esports organization North and the Swedish online tournament platform Challengermode have signed a partnership to help develop grassroots esports in Scandinavia. Announced earlier this week, the collaboration will promote the National Esports Leagues to support both the amateur and professional competitions.

Helping the industry grow

North, an esports organization that came to be through a collaboration between F.C. København and media company Nordisk Film in 2017, is setting a goal to help with the industry’s development in the region.

“The grassroots community is an important part of our industry, and the partnership with Challengermode allows us to give back to them,” said North CEO Christian Sørensen. “Creating a clear path to the professional scene is of utmost importance for us.”

Challengermode, a Swedish esports startup founded in 2014, has made its mission to make competitive gaming accessible to the average gamer. Its online tournament platform enables players to experience what it’s like to compete as a professional gamer.

“Both Challengermode and North share the ambition of bridging the gap between amateur and professional esports,” commented Challengermode CMO and co-founder Philip Skogsberg.

Both companies are continuously active in the scene, securing important strategic partnerships for their own development and expansion along the way. For example, North’s recent partnership with Red Bull will provide a training environment through Red Bull’s network and facilities.

Challengermode is also looking to establish itself through various partnerships. Recently, they teamed with DreamHack “to enhance competitive gaming, from the grassroots level to top tier esports events around the world and online.”

The growth of esports in the Nordics

Esports in the Nordics, especially Sweden and Denmark, have been gaining traction over the last couple of years. With the growth of the overall industry, companies have taken notice and are on point with helping grow the market further. North and Challengermode are joined by organizations like Alliance, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and RFRSH Entertainment in looking to improve the scene in the region.

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