Nova Esports Mobile Division Now Owned By HyperLive Entertainment

Posted on October 25, 2022

The mobile esports landscape has just changed markedly in East Asia with the news that one of the giants of mobile esports in the region, has been sold.

HyperLive Entertainment has agreed to acquire the international division of Nova Esports, the China mobile esports specialists.

The agreement will see HyperLive take full control of Nova’s international esports industry operations outside of China and will include the renaming of the division to Nova Hyper Esports.

Alongside control of the international section of the mobile esports organisation and a change of name, part of the deal will see HyperLive open a dedicated new headquarters for their newly acquired organisation in Singapore.

The company has also indicated that it intends to open its own esports academy within the region to nurture local talent into the new mobile esports professionals and stars of the future.

While not only providing the Hyper Nova Esports organisation a base from which to operate, the opening of the new HQ in Singapore is likely to help the company nurture new partnership and links with other companies interested in the gaming, esports and esports betting industries, as well as enabling the team to develop their international profile outside of China.

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Deal Signed Back In May 2022

It has long been thought that something was in the works between the two organisations after they agreed terms on a strategic partnership back in May this year.

The deal, which was aimed at boosting the mobile esports organisation profile abroad, as well as offering HyperLive Entertainment a direct contact within the Chinese gaming industry has probably gone significantly further than many experts expected.

Certainly Nova Hyper Esports are one of the best performing teams when it comes to the best mobile games.

They boast a number of teams covering titles such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Honor of Kings and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The team has won several notable titles including the very first LoL Wild Rift Global Championships and back to back wins at the PUBG Mobile Championships in 2020 and 2021.

In addition, to continuing the development of their Chinese-based teams, HyperLive hopes to expand their roster of teams to include new rosters that will cover other east Asian nations, including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Want A Bet On Hyper Nova Mobile?

Given the somewhat ambiguous legal situation in Singapore regarding esports betting, if you are someone that wants to enjoy esports betting in Singapore on teams like Hyper Nova Mobile, then you should remember that you will need to use a bookmaking service located outside of the country in order to do so.

Details of how you can do this is provided in the article we have linked to above.

However, those outside Singapore should have plenty of betting options when the newly named team is in action.

Certainly mobile esports offers customers a cheaper way to engage with the industry and it is something that HyperLive are very interested in developing a presence in as their CEO Dr. Sean Wong explained.

“Esports is an exciting industry that has grown tremendously in recent years and we are delighted to have acquired the international division of Nova Esports,” he stated.

He also confirmed the plans to expand across Southeast Asia as well pushing their teams on to “greater milestones in future.”

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