NRG vs WeiboGaming Prediction: LoL Worlds Knockouts

Published: Nov 1, 2023 - Last Updated: Apr 15, 2024

The Swiss Stage of LoL Worlds has now delivered us the quarterfinals! This year we have a mix of Chinese and Korean teams but with one extra addition – The number one LCS seed NRG has also made it!

North America will be awake on Thursday to see if the last hope of NA can perform a miracle once more. Dive into our analysis of this anticipated matchup between NRG Esports and Weibo Gaming to gather the LoL Worlds betting insights crucial for your decisions.

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NRG vs. WeiboGaming Preview

Facing Weibo Gaming in Worlds 2023, NRG confronts their most formidable challenge yet. Until this point, their journey through the Swiss Stage seemed almost effortless, outclassing notable teams like Team Liquid, Mad Lions, and G2. However, these teams, though respected, aren’t typically placed on the same pedestal as their Chinese and Korean counterparts. Now, with Weibo Gaming on the horizon, the real test for NRG begins.

NRG Esports

nrg vs weibo prediction lol worlds
Image: NRG via X (@NRGLeague)


nrg vs weibo gaming odds lol worlds
Image: Weibo Gaming via X (@WeiboGamingLoL)

LoL Worlds Odds ➥ 

NRG vs. WeiboGaming Odds & Prediction

The LoL Worlds betting odds for the clash between NRG Esports and Weibo Gaming highlight a distinct favorite. As the numbers indicate, Weibo Gaming is heavily favored with odds of 1.16 (-625), showcasing their dominant skillset from the LPL region and the high expectations surrounding them. On the other hand, NRG Esports, with odds of 5.03 (+403), is the underdog in this matchup.

While Weibo Gaming’s impressive track record makes them the favorite, NRG Esports has demonstrated resilience and adaptability against other top-tier teams. If NRG can capitalize on Weibo Gaming’s rare missteps and bring their A-game, an upset is within the realm of possibility.

However, given the current form and reputation of Weibo Gaming, they are anticipated to have the upper hand in this encounter.

Fans should gear up for a captivating showdown, with both teams hungry for a semifinal spot. The LoL Worlds qualified teams will also be eagerly awaiting the victor of this face-off.

Odds are subject to change.

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