Oddin.gg Reveals $4.5m Series A Financing Round Success

Published: Aug 17, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Oddin.gg, a leading provider of B2B esports odds technology and feeds, has revealed a successful Series A financing round. During this key round, Oddin.gg raised $4.5 million from its investors, as well as from Velo Partners and Genting Ventures. In a statement, it was announced that this successful financing round came about on the back of ‘ongoing business momentum’, following a positive and high-performing year for the firm.

Recently, Oddin.gg has been expanding at a rapid rate, signing deals left, right, and centre. It was revealed as a part of a business update that Oddin.gg hasn’t lost a single client in more than three years, but instead, it has grown exponentially. In the last few months, key partnerships have been formed with the likes of Betway, LOOT.bet, Duelbits, and the Esports Entertainment Group. Now, Oddin.gg’s shrewd growth mentality has paid off, with $4.5m being raised based on that consistent expansion.

By The Power Of Oddin.gg


Oddin.gg is an organisation determined to move from strength to strength. While key partnerships are being formed, the firm is growing at a considerable rate, introducing its service to some key players in the esports betting industry. As a company, Oddin.gg is as global as it could be, operating across all continents around the world and boasting a portfolio that is almost bursting at the seams.

In a statement, the CEO and Co-Founder of Oddin.gg, Vlastimil Venclik, spoke highly of the financing round:

On behalf of the entire Oddin.gg team and myself, I am proud of everyone involved. First of all, we want to thank our clients and partners who share our vision and who have made our growth possible. At the same time, we feel fortunate to work with our investors and to see this investment helping us to scale.

The news regarding Oddin.gg’s $4.5m cash infusion comes amidst a global economical downturn. In recent weeks, many esports organisations have had to turn down their operations, striking off employees, content creators, and resources across the board. In the statement published by Oddin.gg celebrating the news, it was written that the company is ‘one of the very few in the esports ecosystem’ to have broken even in July of 2022.

On the back of the announcement, key investor Velo Partners praised Oddin.gg’s goals:

We were immediately impressed with Oddin’s best-in-market esports odds products, as well as their broader strategy of building an esports ecosystem to service all of their customers’ esports needs.

As the year pushes on and Oddin.gg expands off the back of the Series A financing round, we’ll likely see more growth from within the firm.

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