Oddin.gg Partners With Esports Entertainment Group

Published: Apr 12, 2022

The year of incredible new partnerships being formed continues, as 2022 will bring Oddin.gg to the US via the Esports Entertainment Group with their newly approved license in New Jersey. This is big news for both Oddin.gg as well as those who are looking for those new wagering options.

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New betting platform

With this partnership, it is no surprise that a new platform is going to be launched, and for all of those who are into esports betting, you will be able to make some bets on VIE.GG. Like most esports betting sites, you will be able to bet on some of the most popular titles, and you will be able to check out the odds whenever you want to.

We already talked about Oddin.gg and team SIS teaming up to provide their users with a 24/7 betting option for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as the partnership between Oddin.gg and Betway. You will be able to get some slice of this giant partnership pie once VIE.gg starts rolling in its full potential. The reason why we use the term” will” is because, at the moment, there are no bets for most titles, but keep the site on the radar as you’ll be able to find various odds in the future.

The partnership promises a bright future for the esports betting fans

Grant Johnson, Esports Entertainment Group CEO, decided to share some words about this partnership:

Launching our Vie.gg esports betting platform in the U.S. was of the utmost importance to us. As part of our launch efforts, we completed a thorough, global search for an esports betting solution and found Oddin.gg as the most reliable, ideal partner.

We are thrilled to operate in New Jersey, the country’s first state to allow legal esports wagering. We are confident that our partnership with Oddin.gg will enable us to continue to grow our business.

While actions do speak louder than words, and we are yet to see what this partnership will do for esports betting in the U.S, these words sound quite promising. It is always nice to hear someone being passionate and excited about their projects, and the EEG CEO certainly seems like he is.

So far, 2022 has been quite a big year for esports, as there are various partnerships being formed and various platforms for wagering coming to life all around the globe. Of course, it is still limited to only the most popular titles on most platforms, but considering how passionate esports fans are, especially the ones who are willing to place a bet, this year is probably going to improve the options of esports betting even further.

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