Oddin.gg Announces Partnership With SB22

Published: Apr 21, 2022

Oddin.gg has announced that it has agreed another partnership deal, this time with a company that models itself on becoming the future of esports betting, SB22.

The deal, which comes hot on the heels of two more partnership agreements for Oddin.gg, the first with Sports Information Services to allow 24/7 esports betting on CSGO contests, and the other which was announced just last week with the Esports Entertainment Group which will allow the company to offer its services in New Jersey.

In just another example of top esports and gaming companies joining forces for a mutually beneficial relationship, this new deal will partner Oddin.gg’s strengths in the esports odds provision, risk management and iframe solutions industries, alongside the new and potentially industry-defining software that SB22 claims to be working on.

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Benefits For SB22

It is easy to understand why SB22 will be delighted with the deal. They will be able to tap into Oddin.gg’s iframe solution, which will allow SB22 to enhance their sportsbook offering with a wide variety of esports betting options.

Given that SB22’s main aim is to redefine the esports betting industry by creating a wholly immersive experience when betting, this is a shrewd move.

We are excited to partner with Oddin.gg and offer our clients an industry-leading esports betting solution,” stated Chief Operating Officer at SB22 Vladimir Jovanovic.

Our selection process was especially rigorous, as SB22 is a company full of gamers ourselves. For this reason, we are more than pleased to say that Oddin.gg, thanks to its extensive esports market coverage and truly engaging esports offering, covers everything we were looking for and much more.

Mr Jovanovic also explained how comforting it was to have Oddin.gg’s expertise in risk management behind them.

Being able to rely on their expertise, especially in risk management in such a constantly evolving vertical as esports, provides us with additional comfort to fully focus on our business while still benefiting from the significant growth of esports betting.

A Step Into The Future of Esports Betting?

Marek Suchar, the current M.D. and co-founder of Oddin.gg expressed his delight at working with SB22 and how forward-thinking the company was.

Betting is considered the next layer of viewers’ engagement,” stated Mr Suchar. “therefore a better betting experience has been and will always be the “holy grail” of the gaming world for the foreseeable future.

Partnering with SB223, we see all the trademarks of a future-ready company, built to create immersive betting experiences: hunger for innovation and thinking about the evolution of the betting industry.

We look forward to collaborating with them on the mutual challenges ahead.

The collaboration between the two is an interesting one. On the one hand Oddin.gg are very much a company focused on the immediate provision of esports odds services and risk management and their strengths appear to be working at the moment.

SB22, while also operating in the current esports industry, have very much now got an eye on how the betting industry will develop and the talk of “immersive” betting experiences does seem to indicate some kind of application within Internet 2.0, or the Metaverse.

How far we are away from that as a reality, nobody really knows, but it seems by improving their services in the present with this deal SB22 and Oddin.gg are certainly making big strides towards a more satisfying future in esports betting for themselves and their customers.

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