ESIC gets a new anti-corruption supporter after Oddin joins their ranks

Posted on April 19, 2021 - Last Updated on January 17, 2023

One of the leading companies in the world of AI-driven esports odds feed and risk management solutions,, has announced that they have been certified as an anti-corruption supporter by the Esports Integrity Commission.

That means that they will contribute to the ongoing work of the Esports Integrity Commission to safeguard the pro-esports industry from the ongoing issues with match-fixing and betting manipulation. They assist ESIC in investigating suspicious betting activity and support their larger mission in combating cheating and betting fraud in the esports industry.

The B2B technology developed and sold by Oddin can be used by many different companies and organisations in the esports industry. Operators can use it to expand their crypto esports betting verticals, tournament organisers can use it to drive traffic to their events, and now ESIC can use it to protect the industry against corruption.

ESIC gets a new anti-corruption supporter after Oddin joins their ranks


Oddin is a B2B esports technology solution. They operate their data-driven and AI-powered iFrame solution in partnership with official data from Bayes Esports to supply a variety of live esports betting opportunities.

That is a very wordy way of saying that they can deliver up to the second live coverage and engagement with esports. It is a business solution that the company claims will help engage bettors, drive volume, and improve profitability for betting operators.

Comments from the organisations

“It is very important for us that key esports betting provider such as Oddin becomes a member. They will help us fight match-fixing practices over the multiple jurisdictions they operate in. We look forward to having long-term cooperation with them.” said Ian Smith, Commissioner of Esports Integrity Commission.

“As an esports betting provider, we can’t ignore the integrity issues within the esports sphere. Our goal is to provide an entertaining product that can engage esports fans and enhance their experience when watching esports matches. This whole experience can be ruined if someone alters the competition by cheating. Match-fixing is something we are fighting against thanks to our traders’ expertise and our risk management tools, and now as well collaborating with ESIC.” said Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at Oddin.

ESIC, anti-corruption, and the need for data

Earlier this year ESIC partnered with the global esports data provider, Esports Charts. Esports Charts will grant ESIC with access to its data for ESIC’s usage. Esports Charts will also collaborate with ESIC to publish periodic reports gauging particular data metrics related to integrity and industry risk. If tournament organisers and esports betting sites have access to this sort of data, it only seems right that the integrity commission for the esport should have access to it as well. Access to this sort of data is important for up to the second analysis and information about industry trends.

Already this year, ESIC has banned 35 esports players for betting offences. In September of last year ESIC sanctioned 37 CS:GO coaches for the use of the spectator bug. Esports is still a relatively young enterprise and as such, it is open to manipulation and cheating both from outside the events and from inside. Organisations like ESIC are more important than ever. Esports bettors need the confidence to place bets on events. As the ESIC grows in membership, so will the confidence in the events.

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