DOTA 2 and CS:GO announced as the official titles of the 13th Esports World Championships

Posted on March 2, 2021 - Last Updated on January 22, 2023

The International Esports Federation has announced that DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have been chosen as the official games of the IESF 13th Esports World Championship. DOTA 2 is a returning title for the event having been featured at IESF events in the past. CS:GO, however, is a new addition to the IESF’s flagship international competition.

The event

The 13th Esports World Championships will be held in Eilat, Israel. Eilat was chosen as the host city of the 13th Esports World Championships, after the cancellation of the global finals event in 2020. The competition, like many over the past 12 months, has been impacted by the pandemic. It will follow the format of last year’s World Championship’s Regional Games. Events will be held online and the best players and teams will be participating in the offline Global Finals in Eilat, Israel.


The International Esports Federation

The International Esports Federation is a global organisation that brings together some of the top esports competitors from around the world to represent their country and has 100 member teams around the globe. These 100 teams represent 100 countries that send their best and brightest esports competitors to these global events.

IESF’s mission is to further esports on a global scale. This is done together with a partnership between their national federations around the world. The organisation is working for a world where Esports athletes can compete on the same level and with the same support as athletes from traditional sports.

In order to make these lofty goals a reality, they have implemented many of the same principles that the traditional Olympics have followed for years. You may not believe that it is a problem in the esports world, but IESF is compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency and has adopted rules and regulations to ensure a clean and safe environment for Esports athletes.

IESF player support

Last month, the IESF announced that they had established an Athletes’ Committee to help protect the player’s interests. Malaysian Dota 2 player, Tiffani “Oling” Lim will serve as the chair of the Athletes’ Commission.

In the announcement about the Athletes’ Committee, Lim wrote:

“Today the term ‘esports player’ already means something very different than it did a decade ago, yet we still have many prevalent systemic issues regarding player rights – organisers get away with unpaid prize monies, and players sign uneven contracts and get exploited unknowingly.”

“As ex and current competitive players we have encountered our fair share of issues, and thus we are able to share our experiences so our fellow players don’t have to run into the same walls as we did.”

“We will do everything within our capacity to provide a safe avenue for players to seek help from.”

The International Esports Federation events are always interesting ones to watch, especially if you are interested in esports betting. The teams that take part in the events are not your typical esports organisations. They are national teams that are made up of players from many different organisations. They inevitably end up being some of the best that each country has to offer. This makes it a little harder for esports betting sites to offer consistent odds.

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