OG Ties Up Deal with Blockchain Tech Company DMScript

Published: Sep 10, 2020 - Last Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Successful Esports organisation OG has announced that it has signed a new partnership agreement with DMScript, a relatively new company that develops services for games that is based on decentralised blockchain tech.

The agreement is not the first time that OG have moved to work with companies engaged with blockchain technology as back in March, the team launched its own cryptocurrency fan token, $OG, after partnering with the blockchain service provider Socios.

DMPlay & DMFast

The new agreement with DMScript will see OG gain access to one of the company’s most innovative and useful products for esports organisations, DMPlay. This service allows players stream their games to almost any device that has a screen. Another product that is believed to have caught the attention of OG is the company’s network optimisation service DMFast.

In a press release about the collaboration, OG stated that:

“DMScript is a tech company that provides several solutions to answer esports needs and fill in some of the gaps that revealed themselves as the industry grew.”

The Co-owner and Chief Revenue Officer of OG Esports, Xavier Oswald, also commented:

“OG is thrilled to partner with such a promising talented young company; DMFast and DMPlay are complete game-changers. We can’t wait to show the esports community how OG will benefit from DMScript’s groundbreaking solutions.”

What is DMPlay?

DMPlay has been designed to solve one of the key issues that face players, especially professional and high-level players, when they travel. Rather than having to hawk their laptop, or other device, around the world to ensure a connection to view and play their favourite games, DMPlay allows users to access a variety of different servers across different continents, meaning they can play their games on the go far more easily and across a broader range of technology.

However, what makes DMPlay so appealing is that you can stream your games to a wide variety of devices including Macs, Desktop PC’s, Android devices and iOS regardless of compatibility issues.

What is DMFast?

DMFast addresses one of the key issues facing online gamers, latency issues. When lag becomes a problem, it can ruin the esports experience and make games almost impossible to play. DMFast is bespoke software that is designed to reduce these issues by optimising your connection and ensuring that you have configured your set up at its most optimal setting.

In addition, DMFast has an in-built VPN option that allows players to switch between networks to access their most convenient, and fastest, servers with greater ease.

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Future Moves Afoot in the Tech Industry for OG?

After having made two high-profile moves into the blockchain industry in recent times and with a couple of innovative tech companies, it certainly seems that OG is one esports organisation that has set its sites on the technology of tomorrow and it is likely that the company has not finished developing partnerships with other tech businesses.

“Our partnership with DMScript is only the beginning for OG as we are very ambitious,” stated Xavier Oswald.

“Next year, you will see OG dive deeper into Tech Solutions and Partnerships.”

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