OG is out of TI10

Published: Oct 15, 2021 - Last Updated: Oct 6, 2022

OG’s run in TI10 has come to an end. All the hopes and dreams they had for that third consecutive title quickly came crashing down after Team Spirit sealed their fate in the first match of the lower bracket.

The young Russian squad won both games, finishing the series with a clean 2-0 score. OG were left visibly shaken, which is understandable given how much they had at stake this year. Team Spirit is moving forward where they’ll face their friends from Russia – Virtus.pro. As for OG, they’ll be packing their bags and going home.

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The Win Streak is Over

The back-to-back TI champions have been eliminated in the round 3 of The International 10 lower bracket.

Realistically, their Dota 2 TI betting odds were stacked against them from the very beginning, seeing how the team had barely even competed prior to TI10. Still, this is OG we’re talking about, and when it comes to The International you know they’ll be gunning for the top.

This year, the TI champions were hoping to achieve the impossible and claim the Aegis for the third time in a row. But it was as if the universe was giving them signs that it wasn’t going to happen.

On their journey to TI10, they lost both JerAx and ana, who had decided to retire from the professional Dota 2 scene. Their replacements were Saksa and the legendary SumaiL, both of whom are absolutely amazing in their own rights. But still, this was not the same OG we remembered from a few years ago.

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On top of that, just days prior to the event, Ceb had an emergency eye surgery that nearly forced the team to replace their long-time friend and teammate. However, he pulled through and was able to participate in the end.

Whatever the case may be, whether it be fate or simply time taking its toll, the OG team couldn’t fulfill their mission. They gave it their best shot, but ultimately, it wasn’t good enough. It seems it’s time for the young bucks to take the reins and lead Dota to a new and unpredictable future.

The Fateful Encounter

Today, Team Spirit fought against OG and won masterfully. There’s not a single soul that can claim this win to be a fluke or a lucky break – Team Spirit simply dominated in both games.

The Russian squad led by Miposhka shut down all attempts by OG in both games. They easily maintained the gold lead and the overall control of the pace of the game. OG were fighting fiercely, claiming some key objectives that were supposed to turn the tide of battle – but Team Spirit was patient and played their cards right.

The first game was over after nearly 46m and Team Spirit started with a 1-0 lead. As the relief washed over them, they could feel their confidence swelling inside. This was evident in game 2 where Team Spirit was completely dominant, leaving no weakness for OG to exploit.

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There were a couple of factors that contributed towards Team Spirit’s victory in game 2, as well as OG’s downfall. First of all, OG are the masters of their craft, and sometimes that mastery can be overshadowed by stubbornness. Their draft picks were arguably bad, and while SumaiL’s Tiny was a powerhouse in the first game, Spirit counter picked him perfectly by choosing several heroes that have percentage-based skills. Perfect for a bulky Tiny.

OG’s Night Stalker pick in the second game was also questionable. It almost felt as if they had no damage outside of SumaiL’s Tiny. Team Spirit quickly picked up on this and shut down SumaiL each chance they had.

Ultimately, the GG was called and that was it. All that was left for OG were questions of “what if?” and regrets. Team Spirit left the stage with smiles on their faces, after taking a well-earned victory against OG.

The Giants Have Fallen

OG’s loss and an early exit from TI10 is unfortunate, but it still doesn’t change the fact they’re one of the best Dota 2 teams in history of the game. They still hold the record for being the only team to win The International twice in a row. If they retired now and decided to call it a day, nobody would blame them. However, if they attempt another run next year, we’re sure everybody will welcome them with open arms.

Team Spirit’s journey continues. Their Dota 2 TI betting odds might have been on the lower side up until this point, but now, they’ll probably spike. They’re facing Virtus.pro next, and it’s going to be one hell of a match for sure. Virtus.pro is strong, really strong. But Team Spirit just took down the previous TI champions.

Who will win? Well, this might be a good opportunity to put your prediction skills to the test and see for yourself.

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