Operation Shattered Web Brings Master Agents to CS:GO

Published: Nov 20, 2019 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Counter Strike has been around for two decades and the Global Offensive installment itself is 7 years old. The game grew into a fully-fledged esport while capturing the very fragrance that made the original title so popular.

Keeping the game fresh without alienating its player base has always been a challenge and Valve’s recent solutions were the “operations” installment. Two years after the conclusion of Operation Hydra, Operation Shattered Web sets another important milestone for the franchise.

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What is New in Operation Shattered Web?

The new addition to the celebrated series doesn’t reinvent the wheel or break the established patterns, but brings just enough novelty to get the fans curious.

At the cornerstone of Operation Shattered Web is the possibility of bringing one’s favourite characters into battle with new weapons graffiti, stickers and, of course, agents. The concept of “agents” is new to Counter Strike Global Offensive and these versatile characters can be equipped on the Terrorist and Counter Terrorist side.

The first thing that catches the eye in regard to the new Master Agents is the fact that they have unique animations, utter original comments and look totally different. There is more than meets the eye about these agents, as they have various abilities and can wield the entire arsenal of CS:GO weapons.

Speaking of guns, Operation Shattered Web Weapon Cases are supposed to spice things up for veteran players. They belong to new weapons collections, with original designs envisioned by talented artists.

Missions CSGO Operation Shattered Web

Get Ready for Something New Each Week

The release of Operation Shattered Web can be properly celebrated upon the release of the new mission, but will keep players at the edge of their seats for weeks to come. They will gain access to new quests, such as Guardian and Cooperative, and also get to experience the thrills of the latest Strike mission.

Valve has made certain changes to the Deathmatch bots, which will be interesting to test in the aforementioned game modes. In order to to redeem the rewards and enjoy all these new additions and the missions, players need an Operation Pass.

No new release would be complete without a new set of maps and luckily for those who acquire the Operation Pass, there are three of them ready to be explored. Lunacy, Studio and Jungle are the new additions for the Flying Scoutsman, Bomb Defusal and Danger Zone game modes. Playing on any of these maps and accomplishing great things will make you eligible for special rewards. This should provide players with the impetus to persevere and excel, while having fun with Operation Shattered Web.

Other changes brought by the new operation are less glamorous, but just as important, at least for those who enjoy using specific weapons. Take the SG553, for example, as its price is once again $3000, while the costs of FAMAS and Galil were also reduced by $200. Add to this the fact their aim has improved and you’ve got yet another reason to use them extensively while playing CS:GO Operation Shattered Web.

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